You can’t manifest money: There Is no magic trick, it simply takes hard work

- November 17, 2021 3 MIN READ
Katherine porritt says you can't manifest money for your business - it takes work to build wealth

With the rise in popularity of manifestation, there has also been a rise in “experts” telling their followers that you can manifest money into your life. Is it really that easy? asks Kathryn Porritt CEO and Founder of Business Bravery and the Luxury Influencers Agency.

Kathryn has built two businesses with 7 figure revenues. She’s an expert on elevating business brands to the highest market in their industry. We sat down with her and talked about her thoughts on “manifesting” when it comes to careers and money.

In my experience, if you’re successful, you usually work hard to get there

As an entrepreneur, you should definitely have a vision but bringing it to life will take hard work. When I hear that “hustle” is being portrayed as something bad, it definitely frustrates me. I have created two multi-million dollar companies and know loads of others who have done the same and all of us worked ridiculously hard to reach that level. If you want to change your life you have to get out there and do it.

And there is no right time to do it either. There’s no perfect time. There just isn’t. Manifestation isn’t going to bring you money to pay your bills or build your dream house. Stop waiting.

Having hustle and having too much stress are two different things

I want to make clear, these are separate entities. When you’re working your ass off at something you feel passionate about it won’t bring the same stress as trying to make something work that isn’t right for you. That’s referred to as aligned action.

Hustle isn’t your enemy, it’s your drive. It’s what will get you up early in the morning and help you stay up late at night. It will get you through the failures and rollercoaster rides that come with any great endeavour like starting your own business.

If you’re starting to feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere or overwhelmed by being busy, it’s likely time to analyse your strategy. Take a look at your business model, maybe you should be doing more with fewer clients. Maybe you need to focus on fewer things and make the ones you’re good at incredible.

I always see people going too far down a rabbit hole on things that aren’t worth the investment of their time. You need to know what is important to spend your energy on because there are so many cogs in the mechanism of a business that you can become obsessed over. Optimise and grow what you’re the best at. Instead of worrying about making it perfect, take imperfect action, you can refine more later.

Beating burnout by building a more bespoke business brand

Volume can be stress-inducing. Mainstream business models, the ones most entrepreneurs use, are based on bringing in as many customers as possible. The mass-market appeal makes for small margins, price sensitivity, focusing on forced control of distribution to sell as much as possible. This system grows from the bottom up and could add premium products or services later on as they expand. It’s a slow burn to make money.

Alternatively, luxury business models start from the top down. They develop their authority at the highest end of the market and leverage that to massive success. Through this, you can control the quality and pricing all the way down the line.

Some insanely influential businesses were built on these rules. Think Virgin, Disney, Tesla, as well as many luxury brands such as Chanel, Maserati, and Gucci.

As someone who has tried both these kinds of business models, I choose luxury every day. It’s more meaningful to focus deeper on impact and quality than numbers. Whenever someone who is super gifted asks me where to start with their own business, I implore them to consider a luxury marketing strategy.

This leveraging of authority and commercialisation of your expertise can create icons in any industry. I’ve seen it countless times and host a podcast on iconic brands called Icons Incorporated. I know the threads that tie these entrepreneurs together.

Brilliant and audacious goals. Icons are extreme pioneers and revolutionaries.

Embrace your excellence: True icons are in the category of one

Use your true unique genius and let it help you achieve anything, only when you open your circle can you pull in incredible people. Icons also bring ideas to life. Their personal brands are usually attached to their business.

Becoming an icon has little to do with having a million followers on social media. It’s about using your unique abilities for the most incredible services possible. The highest level of the market is ready, willing, and able to invest in transformative experiences, brilliant leadership, and excellence.

Expand your vision. Forget the moon. We’re going to Mars.”

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