WIN! $60,000 worth of small business support & lunch with David Koch! This competition has now ended.

WIN! A money can't buy business lunch with David Koch + $60,000 worth of small business support

News flash: the lucky winner is
Just Mums Recruitment!

Just Mums Recruitment have won $63,727 worth of small business support from Kochie’s Business Builders experts including from KBB Digital 1 x Our Top of the Range Custom Website. Web Premier Package = $13,200, 1 x Enterprise Grade Web Hosting & Management for 6 months = $660, 1 x Search Advance National SEO Package for 6 months = $9,867 Total: $23,727. Plus a $20,000 marketing package from Taurus Marketing and a $20,000 individually targeted time management package from Time Stylers. Plus a (Sydney based) lunch with David Koch. Alternatively, they may opt for a one hour Skype or telephone meeting with David Koch. Flights and hotels are not included. All experts are available via telephone, email or Skype if the winner is not based in the same city as the expert. There is no cash prize alternative. Just Mums Recruitment and the progress of their small business will also be profiled on

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This competition has ended. Congratulations to Just Mums Recruitment

the four other finalists were:
POD Vanilla
Mr.Papa Peruvian Street Food
Health, Wellness & Table Tennis
Maria Elena Headpieces Australia

“How would you like to go in the running to win more than $60,000 of support for your small business? You could win help from three of our Kochie’s Business Builders experts. Plus, join me for a business lunch to help transform your small business in 2017. You’ll also be featured on our Kochie’s Business Builders website to help promote your small business. Enter below!” – David Koch

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The winner will get 1-on-1 marketing and PR expertise, a new website along with SEO and time management advice for their small business from our KBB All-Stars!

So, what exactly is one lucky small business going to win? A new top of the range custom website along with six months of free web hosting and management. Plus, a specialist SEO package for six months from Dave Chaffey and our friends at KBB Digital. This fantastic website bundle is worth more than $23,000.

 Dave Chaffey from KBB Digital is offering a complete website reboot 

There is also a $20,000 personalised PR and marketing strategy workshop and much more with marketing guru Sharon Williams and her team at Taurus Marketing. Sharon will help your small business hit the mark to make 2017 your most successful year ever.

Marketing & PR guru Sharon Williams will help transform your small business

To round out our three KBB All-Stars we have 12-months’ worth of one-on-one smart time management coaching with Kate Christie valued at $20,000. Kate is the CEO of Time Stylers and will provide a bespoke time management program tailored to the specific needs of the lucky small business winner.

Kate Christie will be your personal small business coach

Plus a money can’t buy business lunch with David Koch. What an amazing package for one lucky small business! Remember, you have to be in it to win it so be quick and enter here for your chance to WIN!

WIN! More than $60,000 worth of support for your small business

* Promoter: Pinstripe Media Limited (ABN 36115619764) of 224 Riley Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, 2010. Promotion Period: 6.30pm Thursday 6th April 2017  (AEDT) to 09:00 am Monday 29 May 2017 (AEDT) Eligible Entrants: Australia-based small businesses with an ABN (Eligible Entrants). Entry: a) log onto the Kochie’s Business Builders website ( and register their business’ details including their full name, email address, phone number and email and b) answer the Competition question ‘tell us in 25 words or less what would more than $60,000 worth of support do for your small business?*’. Entries are limited to one entry per small business per email address.  Multiple entries are not permitted. Must have a small business which must be based in Australia. Prize: There is one prize only of  $63,727 of small business support from Kochie’s Business Builders experts including from KBB Digital 1 x Our Top of the Range Custom Website. Web Premier Package = $13,200, 1 x Enterprise Grade Web Hosting & Management for 6 months = $660, 1 x Search Advance National SEO Package for 6 months = $9,867 Total: $23,727. Plus a $20,000 marketing package from Taurus Marketing and a $20,000 individually targeted time management package from Time Stylers. Plus a (Sydney based) lunch with David Koch. Alternatively, you may opt for a one hour Skype or telephone meeting with David Koch. Flights and hotels are not included. All experts are available via telephone, email or Skype if the winner is not based in the same city as the expert. There is no cash prize alternative. The winner and the progress of their small business will also be profiled on

Judging: The winners will be the entries judged by Pinstripe Media to be the most creative and/or original. Five small businesses will be short-listed by Friday 2nd June 2017 and the winner will be chosen from these five finalists. Winner Notification: by telephone within two business days of the final judging. Full T&Cs: Available at


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  1. Please, please, please pick ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance!! Lol. We are huge Kochie fans and we are on a mission to help as many Small Business Owners as possible to ‘Simplify their day’.
    Thanks team! We look forward to learning more on the next episode of Kochie’s Business Builders!
    PS loved our Free Website Report from Joel Balodis and our chat with Marie Breguet too!

    • Great to hear from you Kylie. What a great small business! Wonderful to hear you are big Kochie fans. Did you know the show is in its tenth series at the moment? Good luck in the competition and don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to read more of here on Kochie’s Business Builders!

  2. Delivering our inventions to our international customers with the high Australian dollar has been torture. Our products have now been copied and we are losing market share. Our intention is to use our 1500 followers on Facebook to sell direct via Amazon and affiliate marketing. We have invented a new tool that is a breakthrough in the cleaning industry and we would like to launch this tool with gusto.

  3. What am amazing package!!!
    Please pick Mette is Baking and the Nordic Crisp Crackers business.
    We are busting at the seams in this little home based business and the orders are flowing in and enquiries are coming from everywhere.
    Winning this will allow me to allocate money to buy bigger and better owens.
    I really enjoy regular inspiration from Kochie and the Business Builder team. It’s much needed when working alone at home…

    • What a great comment. Thanks Mette! Fantastic to hear from you. Best of luck in the competition. Have you officially entered in the form below? Make sure you do! Don’t forget to also let us know what you’d like to read more of on the site!

  4. Thanks to KBB for their continued support to small business, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and all of us who keep their nose to the grindstone, thinking caps on and work hard to better ourselves and the world.

    It makes me proud to be a South Aussie.

    cheers Kochie


    • Thanks so much Stephen! It is wonderful to hear from you. We love doing whatever we can to support all of you. Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to read more of on the site and make sure you officially enter the competition below. It is a great one!!

  5. Hi – I have entered the competition but did note I never received a confirmation my application was received?
    Could this possibly be confirmed? understand there is more than likely many entries…

  6. What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for putting together this great package. I guess we all feel isolated in our niche businesses but good business practise should cross all contexts. Thanks again!

    • Hi Tracey – thanks for your comments. We are happy to be providing the opportunity for one lucky small business. The great thing is we will also be doing articles etc. on whoever wins so everyone can pick up essential tips on what to do to help move your small business forward.

  7. What and opportunity Kathy. My business: Amanda Bigelow is essential to the wildly increasing levels of chronic health conditions impacting all levels of society. I have put a lot in place and am poised with the vision to build my business, yet still caught up in working in it, not on it. This opportunity is very cool. Thanks for offering it out there.

  8. Hi Kathy, I just watched Kochie’s business show just now. Thanks to it I am now an avid fan every Sunday as I found some great tips for us small business owners. It’s so hard to compete some times with the big guys and their prices. I’m in for a chance though to get some more great advice as I’ve just entered your comp. Thanks heaps. 🙂

    • Great Tammy! I’m glad you are enjoying the Kochie’s Business Builders TV show and finding it useful for small business tips. What have you been doing to try to compete with the ‘big guys’ and what have you found has been working? Great you have entered our competition. Good luck!

  9. I feel there are so many levels of small business, from home based to shop front. Having worked through all the teething years and made it to the other side we are now ready to expand with the correct mindset.
    I have been learning about the importance of marketing this year and knew this price is the perfect match for how I plan to grow in 2017. Would love to get to the next phase of this competition to show you how ready we are. Thank you for offering guidance and support to so many business owners, its greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jeanette, thank you for your message! It’s great to hear that you are ready to expand your business. This competition is a fantastic way to ensure successful business growth. Good luck to you!

  10. Im so excited about this, ITS EXACTLY WHAT MY BUSINESS NEEDS right now. I started Arthur Ave baby clothes 10 years ago, its going great, but I need to learn how to run this little ship smoothly. I would use this opportunity to its full extent and beyond- it would be a great journey for us both!

  11. I am keen to get help with our butcher shop and something that I notice a lot especially on sunrise, is their consistent advertising of big supermarkets. The supermarkets already have multi million dollar advertising experts who work for them without the help of a tv show as well! $60000 of advertising and strategy help would take our business to another level.

  12. What a great opportunity ! I will definitely enter my business Emondo Kids! Australia inspired bamboo plates for kids 🙂 I am just a bit worry about the fact I will be in Italy when the competition ends and winners get announced, what happens if I miss the call? 🙁

  13. This is an amazing package which would help Calm Street and so many people with children with extra needs such as OCD, SPD, ADD, ADHD, ASD, and many more all the way up to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It would improve our reach spread knowledge about Sensory Processing Disorder.

      • We sell fidget toys and other equipment that help children and adults with sensory processing disorder to help Calm and concentrate in school and at home. Also fidget blankets and boards for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this amazing competition.

  14. I feel like this could be a great opportunity for our business as we have grown very quickly over the last five years and would love this package to help us shape our business for the next 5 to 10 years as I’m starting to feel out of my depth as a qualified butcher without much business training.

  15. I’ve entered our small family business on behalf of my husband.
    He has inspired me with all his hard work and creativity, documenting memories and the journey of a business.
    We started this business from nothing, but pure creativity (my husband) and everything else has followed. The name of the business was inspired after his late father’s business he used to have back in the U.K. (Big Blue Box)
    My husband would feel very honoured to have this support from some great business minded people who can guide him in areas of need. I would love to see our business expand and see more people using this great opportunity that Little Blue Box Media provides.

  16. All done, great opportunity, thanks for thinking of the little guys (or girls #nodiscrimination). Being a sole trade in a niche market (online learning) is hard, some days I think about getting a real job …. but where would the fun be in that!

  17. Wow! What an amazing offer! There is nothing more valuable than knowledge. This will be a huge for any small business that wins!
    I’ve entered my kids clothing line Brave & Fearless & will keep my fingers crossed!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Hi Shihana, Kathy & Kockies Business Builders, Thanks for the opportunity to win $60k in personal and web Business Building advisors mentoring.
    I just started a business as A beautiful boat of mine was sunk, I had no insurance and had to travel half way around the world as she was hit by a Hurricane in Freeport Bahamas, one side was sunk as a pylon broke off and the bottom pylon came threw the hull.
    I have been in Bahamas/USA since Hurricane Mathew fixing her, I have videoed all the repairs I have done, so to make some money to repair her fully I am just making a membership site with video training to fix things like engine, outboard motor, water maker electrical motors, generator motor & elect’s, wiring, switches, electrical panels, switch boards, inverter, appliances, LPG gas stove oven and hot tops, electrolysis to stop metal rusting and zinc coating to seal metal from corrosion, I teach the order that’s important to do all these things, If I can make some money from this business I can put it back into the beautiful 57 Catamaran and make her great again.
    I would appreciate the Kochie’s Business Building team to make this an Authoritative business on this subject, as there is no one business I found that could advise me on what to do first and then when to do every thing else. This learning model will save boat owners Thousands of dollars.

    • Hi Terry, thanks for your comment. I’m glad the competition will help you and your small business out. Good luck! On the other hand, I’m sorry to hear about your boat. Is there any help that you would like?

      • Hi Shihana, Thanks for your kind words, the best help would be having the opportunity to be apart of this KBB All-Stars! COMP. and winning it LOL
        KBB has the ideal elements for any Business really and I agree these opportunities would give me the ability to be the Authority within my Market
        Keep Smiling
        Regards Terry

  19. What a great initiative, a chance to be tutored by the very best in the industry & have a bite with David? I’m in! hope to work with you as we reinvent the internet.

  20. I’ve entered for NINJA BABIES – Designer chewable jewellery, sensory resources and educational tools. My main customer base is school students and in particular it’s BOYS needing an age and socially appropriate solution to fill their sensory tanks in order to self-regulate and increase concentration and participation while in class. This prize would be AH-MAY-ZING and sincerely appreciated. Please, please consider NINJA BABIES 🙂

  21. What an amazing competition! Most small businesses struggle with digital media, SEO and marketing/PR spends due to shoe string budgets, lack of expertise in this field and not enough hands on deck! To win this competition with the expert advice, mentoring/business coaching and wonderful prizes would be transforming for us! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. This is so awesome. I have entered and good luck to all the other entries. This sure is a massive opportunity for some lucky, hard working, small business.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

    • Great to hear from you Amy. That’s wonderful you have entered and have been such a good sport to wish everyone else luck too! We are so excited to have put this competition together as part of our 10th birthday celebrations here at KBB!

  23. Thank- you for this extremely valuable opportunity! As a sole-director (and new Mum) of a company (Bike n’ Blend) that has been around for over 6 years I really need this to keep sustainable in the ever changing digital world! I just submitted my application.

  24. I would love to take my cafe to the next level, Im so proud of what we have built, we are so unique and would love to share it further with the right advice and coaching.

  25. WOW!! What an amazing opportunity! This would really enable me to take the necessary steps forward. Have so many goals set for my little business and I’m ready to do the hard work taking it to the next level. Love what I do with every cell in my body & was born to do this. Australia needs me to take what I do to a larger platform.

    Creating my have a vision board of what I want and where I want to be has very much helped me. I’m slowly ticking off as I go. Its time though to take it by the horns and enjoy the ride.

    Entry has been sent. So I’m crossing my fingers & toes 🙂

    • Great to hear from you Kelly. Thanks for entering this fantastic competition. It is a good one! Have you started your small business or are you still in the planning stage? We hope you get lots of great information on the site and join our newsletter if you aren’t already on it. Don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to read about more on the site and in our newsletter. Thanks again!

      • I have started already. My 4th year in now and have been struggling with how I promote my services & struggle with choosing the right content for my social media platforms. Mind you I really only post to one and then that linked to Twitter etc.

        This last week I was one of the lucky ten Mums to be featured in the mother day article via Kochies Business Builders.

        This last month I have run a mothers day special with one of my services heavily discounted . At first the special went gang busters and work flooded in but no its dribbled off again. As I do all of my own promotion I struggle with this too.

        So that’s why I have entered. I’m a sponge so wanting to learn. The opportunity to learn from the best of the best would be absolutely amazing & life changing.

  26. What a great opportunity to promote my new business idea and help women at the same time! I am very excited by the chance of assisting women in the workforce and those looking to re-enter with my new platform. As far as I’m concerned, women and diversity are the key to Australia’s future! Go, Girls!!!

      • Thanks, Shihana, I have an almost ready to go a platform that allows women to advertise their expertise/portfolio etc on a platform including the days/hours they would like to work (including video), allowing workplaces to find them in the first place. Add to this, training/education opportunities, salary survey, mentoring opportunities, articles offering advice etc as well as a platform for companies to advertise jobs that will then present females who match their requirements. Too many opportunities to assist with diversity and helping women in the workplace to mention 🙂 … I’m very excited, it will make a huge difference in Australia and then hopefully globally!!!

          • Hi Shihana, thank you, it will be fantastic! It is ready for go live in the next approx 8 weeks, just finalising the smaller details and looking for people to support / be foundation members so I have funds to promote it to the world 🙂 ….

  27. My husband and I have Just purchased the local gym. I was previously just running a small 65 client based bootcamp. We now have around 500 members. My husband has quit his full time job in retail to work on the gym with me. Our business is growing faster than we expected so we need to have our advertising/website/business skills up to date to reflect that. We need to stay as competitive as possible against the bigger franchise styles gyms in our area.

    • Hi Sandie – great to hear from you. We love supporting small business so came up with the idea to run this fabulous competition to support Australian small businesses and to celebrate KBB’s 10th year in small business. We know roughly 97% of businesses in Australia are small businesses and they are the backbone of our community and the heart of our nation. So, we came up with the idea to take our KBB TV experts and give one lucky small business the opportunity to work with them to take their company to fantastic new heights. It is so exciting to be able to share these fabulous resources and for one lucky person to have the chance to have lunch with David and gain his insight into their small business. This competition began at 6.30pm Thursday 6th April 2017 (AEDT) and will end at 09:00 am Monday 29 May 2017 (AEDT). Five small businesses will be short-listed by Friday 2nd June 2017 and the one winner will be chosen from these five finalists and notified by telephone within two days of the final judging.

  28. This would really get the ball rolling. Reinventing my own business again. Be Bright, Be Tattooed. By Rocky Little. 0428885715.

  29. Great competition thanks Shihana and Team,
    Just entered – where businesses can share office space. We want to help small businesses turn their spare desks into spare cash by finding likeminded businesses and professionals to rent the space by the month!
    Keep up the great work!

  30. Great competition idea and thanks for the opportunity to gain access to expert advice! Would love to take our business idea to the next level!

  31. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am passionate about female entrepreneurs and winning this competition would be a huge win for me but also for the female designers I stock and sell on my site. Since launching I have been DIYing everything myself and work nights elsewhere so all the money coming into the business remains in the business. Winning all these services would help refine my site, my marketing plan and my life which would allow me to grow so i can eventually start to pay myself a modest wage. My business – which launched 6 months ago (but was 2 years in the making) is Maxine McQueen, it is part tech, part creative – a curated online marketplace that stocks and sells jewellery created by local and international independent designers. I was the recipient of the Lord Mayor’s award for creativity in the RMIT Business Plan Competition in 2015, and received funding to start my business through the New Enterprise Investment Fund in 2016. Please check out my LinkedIn too!

    • Great to hear from you Maxine. Congratulations on your small business, the hard work you are putting in to create something of your own and being recognised with the Lord Mayor’s award for creativity in the RMIT Business Plan Competition. Good luck for the competition. We will be choosing five small businesses this week to speak with. Five small businesses will be short-listed by Friday 2nd June 2017 and the winner will be chosen from these five finalists. It is a great prize. Good luck!

    • Hi Sharon, great to hear from you. We have progressed to the next stage of shortlisting small businesses. The winners will be announced on the website with an article dedicated to each winner. Thanks!

  32. Hi Shihana,
    I am so excited to hear re the announcement!!! I know my business should be on the shortlist 🙂 … It will make such a huge difference to women and the companies that should be employing them. Just wanted to check in … Any updates pretty please … ???


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