Why you need temporary staff this Black Friday and Christmas season 

- October 26, 2023 2 MIN READ


Black Friday sales next month in November and the festive rush are fast approaching. For retail and hospitality, these seasonal events are a lucrative but challenging time. Combined with Australia’s summer holiday period, when many regular workers take leave just as customers increase, businesses struggle to fill shifts. Thomas Amos, CEO and co-founder, Sidekicker share how you can get over the sales and holiday hump

In one extreme example, US department store Macy’s even resorted to sending corporate employees to the shop floor to cope with Black Friday demand.

Temporary staff may be a much more suitable way to fill the gap. Whether it’s bringing some stability to a volatile roster or taking the time and stress out of hiring casual employees, there are many benefits to recruiting temps.

5 benefits of temporary staff

1. Rapid hiring of pre-vetted staff

Agencies have existing pools of people on their books who are pre-screened and ready to roll. Instead of a business having to advertise and go through a lengthy interviewing, reference and background check process, they can instantly access workers who have already been vetted and have the skills and experience they need. This also reduces risk: the odds of hiring someone unfit for the job are far less.

2. Access to specific skills and qualifications

If your business requires a particular skill to fill the role, temporary employees can be an excellent and hassle-free way to get the required qualifications for your specific needs. Hospitality businesses may need staff with specific certifications such as Food Safety or RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) credentials.

3. A more diverse team

Casual workers often have varied backgrounds and skills, including foreign languages. Many have worked for a wide range of companies and have more exposure to a variety of customers. This diversity energises culture and it’s also a significant advantage when serving a diverse customer base.

4. Cost-effective hiring

While casual loading is required for casual staff, you don’t have to pay for annual or sick leave. For businesses that are growing and need people long-term, recruiting permanent staff may make sense. But if you only require a short-term increase in headcount to cope with Black Friday or Christmas shopping, then temps and casuals are a great way to expand capacity.

5. Addressing staff turnover

Staff turnover is often rapid in industries that rely on part-time and casual workers, with industries such as retail seeing a 25 per cent higher turnover rate than the national average for other industries. With 50% of roles being part-time or casual, it tends to attract people who aren’t there for the long haul, such as students. Having a pool of temps available can ensure consistency and continuity when people leave.

Temporary staffing is a great solution to the Black Friday and festive shopping stampede. They offer rapid, cost-effective hiring and workers who will already have the skills, experience and certification you need.

This approach, especially during peak seasons, ensures businesses can keep service levels up, cater to a diverse clientele and efficiently manage the seasonal rush. And some of your best temps may one day become valuable permanent hires: tried and tested and already a great fit for your organisation.

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