Why Working For A Small Business Is Better Than Working For A Multinational

- February 29, 2016 2 MIN READ

It’s not all about profit

Don’t get me wrong, every business needs to make money, otherwise, it’s not a business or you’re out of business. Multinationals tend to put profits ahead of everything else, specifically profit growth. The moment profit growth is challenged the multinationals begin to see restructures, firing and intense pressure. This can result in poor decision-making and a lack of focus on well-being.

Working in a small business, we can reset and establish values that are more in-line with what humanity is all about in 2016: the wellbeing and health of us as individuals in a community. Small businesses offer flexible working hours, a great office culture, camaraderie, a lot of passion, an amazing finished product, which are all great for profit growth.

We have the opportunity to make a big difference

At Nexba, we’re making a difference and have a real impact, which enables us to achieve more of our personal and professional goals in small business. We get the chance to refine what working is about. Multinationals are governed by processes and strict guidance systems, which were established a long time ago and for a different period. They were relevant then, however, today most multinationals are struggling with how to adapt, transform and stay relevant. As a result, we see the multinationals tend to have a double talk. For example, you can have any career you like, as long as it looks like this one here or we are totally environmentally and socially aware, except in that product which customers tell us it’s what they want.

In a small business, there is no time for double talk, you stand by your integrity. Either you are a business which is environmentally friendly or you are not and people work on that basis and shoppers buy your products or not as a result.

It’s transparent

Small business is transparent and you really do live on your values and the values of the business. In a small start up you can shape the output. In a way, you’re a more valuable resource as your skills and talents really do impact immediately. So you’re tested constantly and there is nowhere to hide and if you’re results driven, there is nothing better than getting a win you can really celebrate.

It’s easier to collaborate

Everyone’s talking about the need for collaboration, both with customers and internally. However, being truly collaborative requires flexibility, honest and trust with your partners. These are difficult for large multinational companies to achieve as there is often global product launches and mandates pushed down, which causes an inability to be flexible locally. Small businesses can thrive on being flexible and creating a truly exciting collaborative partnership with customers and other brands.

We can pave the way for the future

I’m extremely passionate about health & well-being and small business offers a better way to bring these passions to life. Multinationals are struggling to adapt to these trends and whilst small business is hard work in some ways, it is easier to have an impact. I guess what I’m trying to say is that working as part of a small business enables more influence and engagement to pave the way to being what modern day business should be, an ethical business.

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