Why ignoring sustainability is harming your business

- July 2, 2019 2 MIN READ

Could your neglect of sustainable business practices in the name of profit actually be harming your margins? Daniel O’ Sullivan, Director ABBE Corrugated, shares the key reasons why ignoring sustainable packaging could be bad for business.

What is ‘sustainable packaging’?

Essentially, when we talk about ‘sustainable packaging,’ we are referring to a right-size model, in which you create a more conservative packaging process and reduce the overall costs associated with fulfilment.

This solution allows you to make any box, any size and at any time utilising innovative packaging machinery in your facility, coupled with a particular, adaptable material (known as corrugated cardboard fanfold).

 Why is it so important for profit?

Immediate benefits of the right-size model concerning profits include:

  • reduced carbon footprint by a reduction in volume being shipped (improving your reputation and inspiring a loyal customer base).
  • a reduction in corrugated material costs.
  • a dramatic reduction in void fillers and their associated fees.
  • a reduction in transport costs by increasing vehicle utilisation.

 Consequences of ignoring it

 Not only do you miss out on all of the aforementioned cost reductions by not investing in sustainable packaging solutions, you may also face steep consequences by refusing to do so. Such consequences include:

  • a poor client-based reputation.
  • Over-expending on individual orders.
  • a depletion of already-limited corporate resources.
  • responsibility for greater levels of transport exhaust and fossil fuels.

Key take-aways

Striving for highly innovative and sustainable solutions such as right-size packaging lead to a wide range of highly efficient and cost-saving packaging solutions for businesses of various industries, from start-ups and large online retailers alike.

Adopting a corporate mindset of maximising profit at the expense of the resources necessary to produce is counter-intuitive and contrary to the proven path of financial success for a company.

A business which is, by nature, strapped for capital and resources as it begins to gain credibility, cannot afford to ignore the benefits and cost reductions of sustainable packaging; in fact, doing so may spell their demise.

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