Why email should be part of your marketing strategy

- October 28, 2020 2 MIN READ

Social may get all the buzz, yet email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed by customers.

It’s easy to think of email marketing as the poor relation of the marketing tribe. It doesn’t seem to have the same sparkle as a social post or well-designed display ad. Yet when it comes to connecting with your customers, nothing has quite the same impact as a well-crafted email.

Anna Rogers, Senior Content Manager Yellow says email marketing is a vital inclusion in any small business owners’ marketing arsenal.

“Email marketing is a cost-effective, instant way to connect with your customer base. Just make sure your email offers value to your audience – this could be a special offer, or a handy DIY article – whatever content you think will resonate with your customers so they are excited about opening the email and responsive to your brand.”

If you’ve yet to embrace email marketing for your small business, here’s five good reasons to get with the program.

Email keeps your customers in the loop

Keeping your customers informed of any changes in your business or new products or services has always been important. During the coronavirus crisis, it’s more vital than ever. Yes, you could post on your website or social to update customers; however, email allows you to deliver a more personal conversation direct to their inbox. If your customers have opted-in to receive emails from you, don’t be shy about using email as your go-to tool to stay in touch. Best of all, email gives you the advantage of being able to tailor your communication. You can create different lists to deliver additional messages to customers.

Email lets you show off your brand

Every email you send to your customers or subscribers is an opportunity to embed your brand in their world. Regular emails allow you to share your brand and business story with them. Think about what your brand means and make sure every email you send is a reflection of your brand voice and values. Share your passion and purpose and remember to be authentic at all times.

Email marketing doesn’t cost a bomb!

Dollar for dollar, email marketing is likely one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message out to your customers. With an abundance of email templates available online, it’s easy to design a great email. Email marketing also allows you to capture your customer’s attention and nurture a relationship with them that will hopefully lead to a purchase.

Email shows off your expertise

Every small business owner has a level of expertise in their product or service. Use your emails to expand your reach as an expert in your field. Whether you’re an accountant or a designer or a restauranteur, home in on your expertise and share helpful tips with your customers. Establish yourself as a thought leader and share unique content crafted, especially for your subscribers to help them thrive.

Email marketing saves time

Let’s face it, small business owners are time-poor, so any effective marketing solution that can save them time and money is always welcome. Email marketing is incredibly efficient. Once you’ve built out your templates, it’s simple to pull together an email to send out to your subscribers, which leaves you with more time to focus on your business.

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