What women want in 2020

- January 3, 2020 2 MIN READ

Flexible working opportunities, diverse senior leadership teams, clear policies, company purpose beyond the dollars and leadership trumped networks, social activities and free lunches when it came to what women want in the workplace, according to The Leadership Institute’s study of over 800 working women.

Dana Lightbody, CEO of The Leadership Institute and creator of the annual Women In Leadership Summit says, “It’s really no surprise to me that flexible working opportunities came out as the number one issue facing women at work today.

“As a single mother by choice of young twin toddlers, I know how difficult it is to find flexibility and balance in my work and home life, and I own the business! 2020 has a lot of high expectations for us all, including me,” said Dana.

Dana Lightbody share her top five tips to get what you want in 2020:

  1. Reassess your priorities, are you where you want to be? If not, how are you going to get there. Any goal needs a plan of action;
  2. Don’t leave anyone wondering where you want to go – make your intentions and desires clear to everyone around you;
  3. Ambition is not a dirty word;
  4. Flexibility is not career suicide – great companies recognise that work productivity rather than hours at a desk is what matters. You can work from anywhere that’s the point of technology;
  5. Education is not something that stops when you graduate, make professional development your 2020 goal.

The Leadership Institute has confirmed that the Women In Leadership Summit will return on 20th – 23rd of October 2020 with keynote speakers confirmed to date including Gail Kelly, Former Group CEO and First Female CEO of a Big 4 Bank, Westpac, Colleen Callander, CEO, Sportsgirl, Judy Slatyer, CEO, Australian Red Cross and Justine Troy, Founder, 42 Below.




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