WATCH: Scaling up your business with United Make and Australia Post

- May 18, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

United Make is a bespoke design agency in Melbourne which specialises in creating custom-made products. Since launching, the agency’s products have exploded in popularity. Unsure how to handle the unexpected growth, founder Mond Qu sought Kochie’s advice on how to scale up the business.

Kochie sent in Rebecca Burrows, General Manager Small Business Australia Post to provide expert advice on how to expand the business internationally.

Currently, United Make doesn’t have an online shop, most sales are made via word of mouth. Qu says the brand is now looking at how to develop an e-commerce presence and deliver a personalised branding experience of their products. Burrows suggests ensuring the shopping process is seamless is key to success and advises how United Make can deliver a great unboxing experience whilst remaining cost effective.

Burrows suggests social media marketing will work really well for United Make as their bespoke products are a great fit for social. She also encourages United Make to seek IP protection.

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