Watch: Episode 8 of Kochie’s Business Builders Season 12

- May 26, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

In this week’s Kochie’s Business Builders we discover how to turn a side hustle into a business. We catch up with the man behind super franchise Jim’s Mowing, who delivers his tips for success and we meet a dynamic duo who set out to change the landscape of the hospitality industry.

James Sharpilin’s café Fordham Milk Bar is an institution of the Melbourne café scene, yet this budding entrepreneur has a side hustle that is also creating some heat. Sharpilin and his mates have crafted a Chilean hot sauce that really packs a punch. Now he and his pals are looking for ways to take this new venture, The Sauce Co. to the masses. KBB teamed Sharpilin up with entrepreneur and marketing expert Sabri Suby to get some advice on how to launch this side hustle into an already crowded market.

Daniel Carr GM of Equipment Finance and Small Business Lending NAB, gives us the lowdown on how to assess business value for a sale or in preparation for a loan.

The founders of Applejack explain how they carved a niche in the hospitality industry with their new style of venues that the punters are lapping up.

Plus we get up close and personal with Jim Penmen from Jim’s group who explains why customer loyalty and satisfaction is vital to business success.

Finally, we explore how branded content can make a business successful or cost you customers.


Kochie’s Business Builders is filmed and produced by Pinstripe Media, Video Production Sydney

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