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- June 16, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

In this episode of Kochie’s Business Builders we find out how to retain great staff; meet the mum who is passionate about eco-friendly kids’ toys and one of Australia’s most successful grain farmers shares his top tips for success.

Gin Lane founder Grant Collins is passionate about mixology and all things gin. He admits to a fondness of the drop formerly known as ‘mother’s ruin’. In fact, Collin loves nothing more than crafting a great drink and delivering superb customer service and he wants his staff to have the same passion.

However, as any small business owner knows, attracting and retaining great staff can be tricky. We teamed Grant up with staff retention expert Andrea Culligan to get the lowdown on keeping both staff and customers on side.

We catch up with Ross Larsson, owner and managing director of Mara Global Foods. Ross shares his top tips for success which include the value of mentors, educating yourself and why you should constantly improving your business model.

Plus entrepreneur Pippa Buxton shares how her passion for the environment turned into a thriving business servicing eco-minded Aussies with sustainable toy options.

And the sustainability theme continues when Devan Valenti, manager of the Green Building Council of Australia, explains how everyone can do their bit for a greener planet.

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