Workplace safety remains an issue for small business

October is Safe Work month and the release of the latest Employsure Workplace Safety Index has shown safety compliance remains an issue for many Australian businesses.

The survey conducted by Galaxy for Employsure suggests only half of Australian workplaces are confident they can meet safety obligations and that most small businesses find current safety regulations too complex and time-consuming.

According to the Employsure Workplace Safety Index, the top five safety issues facing small business is the complexity of the rules, constant changing of the rules, amount of paperwork, time required for compliance and staff being careless.

Employsure’s Managing Director Ed Mallet said “small business owners want to do the right thing but we hear from them daily that they feel crippled by the complexity of what they are required to do. They are swamped and struggling to keep their head above water.”

Only one in five small businesses feel confident to implement their workplace safety plan, while only 46 per cent have a clear understanding of how to manage and address bullying.

Even more concerning less than 60 percent of those surveyed know their responsibilities or obligations should an employee be injured whilst at work.

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Mallet suggested whilst small businesses want to mitigate risk and improve safety they often don’t know how to proceed. Often business owners are turning to the internet for quick-fix answers.

“With about five million Australians employed by small businesses, it’s so important that we get safety right and minimise the complexities and drain that compliance creates to keep workplaces safe. This isn’t just a workplace issue, this is a national issue,” Mallet said.

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