These are the top 4 benefits to entice event sponsors

The number of sponsors seeking partnerships in Australia is on the rise, as many are catching on that it’s the perfect way to get targeted brand exposure. According to IEG’s 2017 report on “What Sponsors Want,” 75% of sponsors said they were considering new partnerships this year—up 5% since 2016.

Couple this with the increase in people attending events across Australia, with 91% of Australians reporting attending at least one live event in the past twelve months (according to Eventbrite’s latest report) – now is the best time for sponsors to see an impressive ROI.

However, finding the perfect sponsorship partnership for an event is not an easy task. Sponsors are looking for new partnerships, but you aren’t the only one competing for their attention. Sponsors want to know what the return on investment will be, and whether partnering with your event will help them achieve their desired results.

To ensure your proposal stands out from the crowd, here are top four benefits from an industry insider so you can offer prospective sponsors to ensure you lock in the deal.

Hard data on attendees
Offer your prospective sponsor something that your competitors cannot—real life information about their audience. As an event organiser you have direct access to, and communication with, attendees. Use this to your advantage and seek out interesting insights about your attendees throughout their attendance experience that will inform how a potential sponsor could best meet their needs. One of the best ways to gather this information is through the form of surveying. Asking both quantitative and qualitative questions will allow you to bundle up common traits and characteristics to gain a deeper definition of your attendee audience—information that is critically important to brands hoping to reach them in a meaningful way. These insights can combine with the more demographic facts and figures collected about your attendees so you can present sponsors with a complete picture of your attendees.

The most valued assets
Branded assets, such as a logo placement, speaking opportunities, onsite experiential marketing, or the provision of complimentary guest passes and VIP experiences are the main  channels sponsors can utilise to reach event attendees. It can be a competitive environment reaching attendees and creativity is often needed to stand out. Rich attendee insights—collected in the leadup to an event, or leveraging data from previous events— inspire prospective sponsors with new and innovative ways to make use of branded assets over traditional advertising opportunities.

Curated packages
Most experts believe that the standard tiered package options—gold, silver and bronze (or other tiered naming schemes) can be an effective and successful conversation starter. However, this can often make your sponsor feel bored and frustrated if they are unable to find the right package to fit their business objectives. Offer your prospective sponsor custom packages in the form of a flexible menu of assets they can pick and choose from, and strive to include something personal to their brand. This allows them to feel as though they are able to trim any unnecessary assets and ultimately give them a better sense of control and maximisation of their precious marketing budget. Presenting packages tailored to business objectives will ensure your prospective sponsor feels heard, and is key to discovering bigger, more valuable opportunities that really deliver results for sponsors.

Insightful follow up
The best way to ensure your event is at the forefront of your potential sponsor’s memory, is to offer an insightful and honest follow-up session, post-event. This allows you to both answer the biggest question ‘How did it go?’ by gathering up all of the insights over the course of the event and packaging them up into a simple stat-driven presentation for your sponsor, mapped against their original objectives. This opens communication up about their experience and perception of ROI, addresses areas for improvement, and opens the door for discussion on future involvement.

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