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In today’s hyper-connected world, staying up to date whilst on the road is not only imperative to running an effective business, it’s almost mandatory. Sometimes, however, your existing tech can let you down. It’s difficult to get up and running on the internet superhighway when you’re struggling with a five-year-old laptop with barely enough RAM to run your existing programs. Upgrading your business gear to devices with the latest Intel processors could see you flying once more.

Road warrior David Flynn, founder of Australian Business Traveller – a website that provides business travellers with the know-how to make the most out of an upcoming trip – understands better than most the importance of utilising the latest technology. Flynn spends the majority of his time travelling from one city to the next, whether it’s London to New York, or Sydney to Melbourne. Staying connected is all in a day’s work.

Speaking with Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB) Flynn suggests technology is advancing so rapidly that any business wanting to keep pace needs to make upgrading their gear a priority.

“All my travel is work-related,” Flynn says.  “Travel in effect is my job. So, one of the challenges is being switched on and accessible the entire time.”

The self-described tech-head, says he tends to be “pretty plugged in” when he is on the go. His constant companion is a 13-inch Apple MacBook. And he highly rates Intel’s Core Processor as a key ingredient.

“I just upgraded from my three-year-old laptop, because as a rule, I do a tech refresh every two to three years to keep up,” he says.

Asked the most important elements to consider when upgrading your tech for business travel, Flynn offers several salient points.

“For me, and for most business travellers, it starts with great battery life. Many laptops and 2 in 1s now boast 10 or more hours of battery on a single charge, which is a solid day’s work,” he continues.

His next imperative is the right screen size.

“I find the sweet spot is around a 13-inch screen, but you can go a bit either way. It really depends on what is comfortable for you, both in terms of how much detail you need to see on the screen and also making sure the keyboard is large enough and easy to type on.”

Another extremely important consideration is weight.

“Most business travellers need a laptop that’s sleek and light, as we’re carrying it everywhere, but at the same time it has to be durable, to withstand life on the road.”

With the more cosmetic elements in place, Flynn says it’s essential you invest in a laptop with a “great brain”.

“I can’t afford to have my laptop go slow or freeze up while when I’m trying to get a story live on the website as soon as possible. And I really hammer the laptop, I’m running a dozen apps at once and switching between them, so the laptop has got to be able to keep up.”

Flynn suggests you can’t go past an Intel Core processor.

“I recommend the mid-range Core i5, which is a very reliable and well-rounded processor,” he says. “We’re starting to do video at Australian Business Traveller and I’m amazed at how well the Core i5 can handle editing, which is a pretty demanding task.”

Of course, if you really need to crunch data or run hungry programs, Flynn suggests what he calls the “Arnold Schwarzenegger of chips”.

“If you want maximum grunt – for tasks like high-end design, architecture and engineering – you go for the top of the line Core i7,” he shares.

If you want to combine work and pleasure, Flynn suggests a 2 in 1 may be your perfect companion. The latest models feature Intel’s just-released 8th Generation Intel Core processor which provides lightning fast speeds.

As for tech trends, Flynn says, “I’m seeing a lot more 2 in 1 devices, especially the Microsoft Surface”.

“And that makes sense because 2 in 1s give you the flexibility to use your device for work, using the keyboard while in laptop mode or tablet mode for leisure. So, when you’ve finished catching up on emails and reports on the plane, you can relax and watch a few videos, or stream Netflix in bed when you’re at the hotel. And that makes business travel a lot more enjoyable.”

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