Series 10 Episode 3: How to Develop a Strong Digital Presence

Marie from KBB Digital gives Samara and Mila founder Diahann tips on building a strong digital presence.

Samara & Mila Sydney makes hand poured, soy candles with beautiful scents that make you slow down and appreciate a single moment in time. With the concept of mindfulness at the centre of the brand, it’s no wonder that this label is taking off with such great momentum.

“Just the act of pausing to breathe it in makes you slow down, to clear your mind and focus inward. I want to enable people to create beautiful living spaces through pure, clean scents being supported by simple, modern design. As the scent is the focal point of bringing mindfulness, it has the ability to bring back old memories and start new ones,” explained founder Diahann (Dee) Lichaa.

The journey of Samara & Mila Sydney is an inspiring one. Starting the company in June 2015, it has been a year of growth and learning on the fly for Lichaa.

Speaking to Kochie’s Business Builder’s about the inspiration behind the brand, it is clear that the concept stems from a love for family, friendships and memories.

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