Old technology may be costing you thousands

Did you know that hanging onto that old technology is costing you cold, hard cash?

It turns out trying to save money and time by holding onto our old work computers is costing us dearly. Tech expert Val Quinn from The Gadget Guy says jumping on board with new technology can also help keep valuable staff happy.

“Old machines are frustrating because they’re slow and you can’t work as quickly on them and can’t get as much done. Old tech costs more to run. You spend replace parts, which is a major time drain. You can cut costs by 50 per cent if you upgrade to a new computer and staff can also be more than two and a half times more productive on new equipment,” says Quinn.

“It also takes a toll on staff morale when the technology they are using at home, is newer than the tech in the office.”

Quinn’s PC-buying tips:

  • Opt for computers with the latest processors. Essentially everything you do on your PC, whether browsing or word processing, will run through the processor. Think of it as the brains of your PC.  
  • Select a PC that’s right for your business. Are your staff out on the road frequently, or are they mainly deskbound and require a PC with more grunt?
  • If looking for laptops, go with models that are strong and sturdy, as they can take a beating while they’re carted around.
  • Screen size is another important factor. Make sure you select a screen size comfortable for you.
  • Finally, memory and storage. Decide how much you’ll need.

 big opportunities FOR small business

Admittedly, it can be scary thinking of upgrading and shelling out a lot of money upfront. Thankfully there are options available to help small business upgrade to new technology. There are also fantastic financing packages available for every budget so the cost of upgrading technology has never been better (or cheaper).

David and Val discuss financing options for your small business. Watch the video!

Let’s look at two great choices:

Option 1: If you have the money and want to take advantage of the $20,000 instant asset write-off for small businesses, which has been extended until 30th June 2018, this is a great choice if you are willing to pay out now to get instant tax advantages.

Option 2: I’ve also heard a lot of small business owners rave about Lenovo’s PC as a Service (PCaaS) which offers the option to pay for your technology as you go. You agree on a fixed monthly cost covering all associated costs for your computers, including ongoing IT management support. This can be a lifesaving option for people in small business who need great IT support at a realistic rate. If you don’t have the money to pay for new technology right now this is seriously worth considering.

fixed monthly rateS ARE a great option FOR SMALL BUSINESS

You can really make this work to your advantage. If you have seasonal staff during busy times for example, then you can get more computers in and downsize when it’s quieter. You’ll only pay for the technology you use during the allocated time.

Outdated technology could be costing you thousands

Plus, you’ll get complete support installing your equipment when you’re migrating your data to your new devices. Of course, there are also tax incentives and pay by the month savings.

One thing most people working in small business have in common is that time and money are usually short. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have the technology you need to support your small business now and into the future.

Outdated computers and technology could be costing your small business thousands of dollars a year. They cost more to keep running, are slower and less secure, which result in less productive staff.

With great deals available for the EOFY and big tax breaks available, there’s no better time to do something about it.

Find out how you can save money long-term with new technology. Click here!

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