Why multitasking wastes time

Kochie’s Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie reveals why we’ve all been doing it wrong!

If, like us, you have been multitasking up a storm turns out you’ve actually been creating more work for yourself. This 60-second video tip will help save you both time and money.

Are you ready to discover how you can say goodbye to multitasking and say hello to ‘single focussing’.

  1. Why focussing on one task at a time can increase your productivity by 40 per cent.
  2. Why only 2.5 per cent of people in the world can multitask.
  3. Why you should set an alarm on your computer for 30 to 40 minutes to focus on one task at a time and switch off all the devices around you for full concentration.

Press play! Hear Kate’s tip to increase productivity 

Are you addicted to your device?

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