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I’ve been proudly working in and supporting small business for decades and I work in the front-line of my own small business every single week. With a whopping 97 per cent of all businesses in Australia classified as small businesses, we’re all an integral part of the economy.

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is just how lucky we are living in this beautiful country. Let’s face it, we’re living in a generation where there is so much to be positive about.

In some Australian states we have almost full employment. Money has never been cheaper to borrow. Unemployment is pretty close to full employment. We have had 26 consecutive years of positive economic growth. And no person under the age of 45 has had to experience an economic recession as a responsible adult.

We have nothing to complain about. We should all just be getting on with things and enjoying our lives.

As small business owners whenever we have a customer or a staff member whinge about how tough it is out there I think … really?! Do you really know what tough is about?

It’s possible you’re doing it tough in business because you’re a business owner who needs help putting a business plan in place. You may be spending more than you should so you need help with cash flow and dealing with late payments. And the good news is there is so much help out there if you want it.

Admittedly it is very challenging at times. But don’t fall into the habit of blaming everyone else.

This is an incredible time in history. We are an economic miracle. And having positive consumers is good for business and good for small business. Rather than feed or agree with the negativity out there try and change it.

“We’d love for you to join our #campaignforoptimism.” – David Koch

These are the facts:

  1. We haven’t had an economic recession in 20 years
  2. The average Australian has never been richer
  3. Money has never been cheaper to borrow
  4. Unemployment is close to full employment

How lucky are we. Let’s just enjoy our lives. Enjoy working in small business. And remember, happy consumers are good for business. We’re all talking ourselves into a frenzy of negativity. It’s usually ‘glass half empty’ when we should all be focussing on ‘glass have full’.

Put on a positive game face and work on changing the view of your customers so they pass it on when a friend whinges to them. Tell them: Did you know we have broken the world record in positive economic growth? Rattle off these four things and hopefully it will take off.

Remember the four things why we should be happy about living in Australia at the moment. Don’t put us down. Be thankful we live here. And be really proud of being a part of the small business community and what we are doing.

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