How to use influencer marketing to influence your market

The term ‘influencer’ is used more and more these days during marketing meetings, and given the rise of the social influencers it is no surprise. A business that invests in an influencer campaign has the opportunity to generate $6.50 for every $1 invested; and as the founder of I have seen many small business owners successfully integrate influencers into their marketing campaigns  – and without breaking budget.

But for every business doing a great job there are many more still trying to navigate their way through what can seem like an overwhelming and complex landscape.

So in a sea of social media influencers, how can your brand find the right influencer and then use them effectively in a campaign?

Numbers aren’t everything

find the right audience | influencer marketing

Don’t be blinded by huge numbers that may not translate into word-of-mouth opportunities.  Raw numbers are only one part of the equation, and while they can be important when it comes to influence, a high reach (how many people see their posts) cannot replace the vital need for engagement. What are the average number of comments and likes per post? What types of comments do they receive and how engaged is their audience? Don’t discount those that might not be able to reach a million people, but could target 500 brilliantly that may end up being the right potential customer base. Perhaps their reach is even less, but substantially more targeted and impactful.

Build a clear brief

write a clear brief | influencer marketing

It is really important to construct a clear and comprehensive brief. This will help to ensure that you recruit the ideal influencer, giving you the best possible opportunity for success. Be sure to include in your brief what you expect as a brand, your key messages and a clear definition of deliverables. Also consider any restrictions on the style of image required, copy used, handles, and hashtags, while being clear about what not to post. By having a clear, succinct brief that your influencer can follow, you maximise the opportunity for a successful campaign. To increase your rate of return, consider how the Influencer can market your brand well and how you can leverage the campaign in other ways. It could also be of value to ask Influencers what they could offer besides an obvious social media post. For example, can they run a competition, write a sponsored blog post, or attend an event that will be photographed and shared? Allowing them to think outside the box with you creates an opportunity to engage them even further.

Building a campaign around the right audience

find the right audience | influencer marketing

There is nothing more important in a campaign than ensuring the activities target the right audience. The profile that the influencer has built and the reason why they are followed is really what it’s all about, so if their audience doesn’t trust them, it’s likely to result in a redundant campaign. Audiences that have similar interests as the influencer will value the content they are creating because it’s useful to them. So make sure to find out about your influencer’s demographic breakdowns and detailed follower information to make sure that they are pinpoint targeting your ideal audience.

One of the main reasons a brand chooses to run an influencer campaign over a traditional advertising method is because they want to tap into the audience of an authentic person of influence. For example, audiences will be more likely to engage with an Instagrammers image advocating a product, than clicking on an intrusive ad in their feed. So when selecting an influencer, find one that is true to your company’s values and fits with your brand. Authenticity is what followers are drawn to and the best way to ensure this is to observe the authenticity around the engagement and the close-knit community they have cultivated. Would the influencer really associate with your product or service? The marketing message becomes a lot more powerful when you have selected an influencer that truly would engage with the brand and use it.

While different social media platforms are used to reach different audiences and demographics, this is also true for the product or service you are marketing. Be mindful that selecting the correct social media channel will allow you to better target your ideal audience; and the right platform to use. For example, a predominantly visual campaign is likely to outperform on Instagram than on Facebook where you are more likely to have people taking the time to read your written content.  So it is worth understanding fully the outcomes required but also the steps required to reach those outcomes.

Just like any marketing campaign, the activities can only be truly understood when the metrics of success are defined from the very beginning and the brief is clearly understood by the Influencer. Once you have a clear cohesive grasp on that, you will be ready to successfully use an influencer to influence your market.

About Taryn Williams

taryn williams


Taryn Williams is the smart, vivacious and magnetically personable CEO & Founder of and WINK Models. With over fifteen years experience in the world of modelling, advertising and media, Taryn has proven herself to be a game changer and one not shy to press the disrupt button.

Taryn is one of Australia’s most prolific entrepreneurs in the tech start-up and media industry. She launched in 2016, an online influencer and creative talent platform making it easy, efficient and cost effective for brands to book campaigns using the best and brightest talent. has over 6,500 talent on the platform and guarantees payment for all of them within 48 hours..

Taryn’s involvement in the industry goes back to when she was fifteen and scouted as a model. She started her first business, WINK Models, at the age of 21 with $30,000 in savings, a response to the inefficiencies in working conditions for models and the lack of flexibility and quality service offered to clients. Ten years later the agency has flourished into a national business, named in Anthill’s Top 100 Cool companies, and represents over 650 talent with turnover in the millions. Taryn has handed over the day-to-day management of WINK so she can dedicate her focus and energy to the growth of and her personal brand collaborations.

Taryn is a regular commentator on the tech industry, entrepreneurialism and business and sits on the Boards of Tech Sydney and the Digital + Technology Collective (formerly AIMIA). She has achieved numerous award recognitions including being named B&T 2017 Women in Media Tech Winner, Finalist in the B&T Hot 30 under 30, B&T Women in Media, SmartCompany 30 under 30, Institute of Managers & Leaders and Women’s Agenda Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.

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