The Furry Godmother: making your pet’s dreams come true

Jason Davies loves animals. Ever since he was a kid hanging out with his family’s Dalmatian, Boris, he had an affection for all creatures, great and small. But it is only in recent years that the self-confessed pet-mad fellow has taken his passion one step further to open The Furry Godmother, a day spa for the Northern Territory’s pets.

Davies tells Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB) he initially fell into the pet industry by chance upon being offered an after-school job at a local vet hospital. Several years later, after a stint as a practice manager for one of Darwin’s busiest vets, Davies realised there was an opportunity to provide further pet care services for the territory’s growing legion of animal lovers.

“Before, there weren’t any options for families to leave their pets and expect more than their basic care,” Davies explains. “The Furry Godmother was conceived as a place where we would want to leave our pets.  A place where pets were spoiled just as much as they were at home!”

As Darwin’s only luxury pet resort, Davies says The Furry Godmother specialises in giving your furkids an amazing holiday.

Who doesn’t like a game of soccer?

“We like to pamper them with lots of playtime with experienced, trained staff while treating them with yummy ice-blocks and home-made tapas. We also believe it is incredibly important that their families are confident and relaxed while their kids are in our care, so we provide updates on Facebook, and even video calls while they are with us!”

Like any business, Furry Godmother has its challenges, but Davies tells KBB the most important element of his pet service’s success is the attention to detail to ensure each furkid has an enjoyable experience whilst under The Furry Godmother’s care.

With animals being seen less as pets and more as members of the family, Davies says he needs to be certain to meet client expectations.

“We do have very high demands placed on us by the families that are entrusting us with their ‘kids’” he says. “Our aim is to make every furkid’s stay as stress-free as possible (for their owners too) so we do have an incredibly passionate, hard-working team who go the extra mile for our guests.”

While the rest of us are hunkered over our desks or trapped in rounds of meetings, Davies says he is getting the best of both worlds,

Davies with his wife Jo with a feline friend.

“Like running any business there are certainly tough days, but on those days there are always plenty of furkids who will be more than happy to help with extra cuddles! It’s built-in stress relief!”

Davies has set himself some high goals with The Furry Godmother, but he tells KBB it’s easy to maintain his passion for providing the best possible care for his guests.

“It is incredibly common for either the pets or their family (or both!) to be scared or reluctant to stay with us initially, either because of a bad experience in the past or because they haven’t spent much time apart.

“However, we consistently receive feedback and reviews that after their stay they are happy, relaxed and in great condition – and it shows when the pets are excited about their future visits.”

He encourages any Darwin pet owner contemplating a trip away to consider The Furry Godmother.

“After all, your pet deserves a holiday too”.

Find out more about The Furry Godmother here

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