City of Sydney Thought Leader Seminars spotlight small business

City of Sydney is about to crank out the first of its free City Thought Leaders seminars this month. The first cab off the rank is a discussion on how innovation is changing the way we do business.

The seminars are perfect for businesses and start-ups looking for inspiration and advice as they give access to leading industry experts, small business owners and City of Sydney staff.

Across the series, notable business owners share their experiences, offering everything from advice they wish they’d had when first starting up, to common issues encountered starting a small business.

More practical information such as advice on submitting DAs or licensing applications is also available, as well as info on what support is available to small business in the city.

The first seminar Same But Different: How Innovation is Changing the Face of Business will take place on August 30; subsequent seminars include: Stand and Be Counted: Women Led Business; Creative Enterprises: It’s Not As Easy As You Think and Now You See Me: How Important Brand is to Business.

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