Unlocking Snapchat to enhance your business marketing

- August 10, 2016 3 MIN READ

Over the past five years Snapchat has experienced an enormous amount of growth. Video on Snapchat now gets 10 billion views per day, which is two million views higher than even Facebook.

Snapchat now heavily influences how millennials communicate so if this is the generation you are trying to reach it might pay to get more familiar with Snapchat.

How does Snapchat work?

Snapchat is unique compared to other social media in that it creates a sense of urgency. Images and videos only last up to 10 seconds once viewed and then they disappear. Although snaps can be saved the concept of impermanence creates a lot of engagement and fun.

As well as sending images and videos to friends, users can also add a caption or doodle or text over the top of snaps or send a “story” – a collection of photos taken over the past 24 hours.

How can I use Snapchat for business?

Here are some simple ways to get started:

#1. Sneak peeks

If you have a new product coming out give consumers a sneak peek and build some buzz. Stagger some snaps at regular intervals showing teasers which build on each other.

#2. Highlight live events

If you’re involved with a live event e.g. a trade show, conference or charity event, Snapchat is the way to build brand awareness and make people wish they were they were taking part in the fun.

#3. Behind the scenes

A lot of marketing focuses on making the sale or projecting a professional brand image. But every now and then customers want the opportunity to see behind the curtain, learn about your brand’s quirky personality or find out an insider secret. Behind the scenes photos or videos are perfect for this.

#4. Competitions

The most effective forms of Snapchat marketing involve getting followers to participate somehow. Competitions are perfect for this. You can create a sweepstake that involves users sending you creative snaps or doodles as entry. Share some of your favourites with your audience and reply to some of them to create that interaction.

#5. Incentive coupons

Another way to build interaction is to offer a discount code that encourages followers to visit your store and make a purchase.

Snapchat tools

As Snapchat is a relatively new platform there are not yet a lot of tools out there. However there are some emerging tools that reign at the top.

GhostCodes helps you find out who to follow on Snapchat based on your industry and interests. This can be handy for identifying influencers and building relationships with them.

SnapMemories allows you to save all the Snapchat content you post. This is very handy as it allows you to add the content to your Instagram, blog and much more without having to save the photos and videos on your mobile devices which clogs up space.

How can I measure my Snapchat marketing success?

As with any marketing effort it’s important to figure out the key performance indicators you need to track to evaluate effectiveness. Some of the key things to pay attention to on Snapchat are numbers of followers, numbers of views and numbers of screenshots.

If you use Snapchat’s “Story” function you can also analyse at what point in your stories users are dropping off. This can help you determine most popular length of snaps and most popular types of content.

For businesses that use Snapchat for sharing discounts and coupon codes, remember to make sure your codes are unique to your Snapchat audience. This allows you to measure their success. An advanced Snapchat analytics tool is to measure geofilter views and use.

Snapchat may not be for everyone, but before you dismiss it consider that it is currently the fastest growing social network in the world with more than 100 million daily active users. It is also a very unsaturated marketing platform, with only two per cent of brands using Snapchat. With less competition, this untapped market could help give your business an edge.

If you do decide to give Snapchat a try, don’t forget to share your snapcodes on your other social platforms to help your audience find you. I look forward to hearing about your Snapchat adventures.

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