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Unlock the magic of social media videos: A business’s guide to captivating content 

- February 19, 2024 2 MIN READ


Why aren’t you using video for your socials? I’ve heard all the excuses. You’ve got a face only your mother could love. You’re time poor. You don’t have professional equipment. Editing is time-consuming. Everyone has an excuse but did you know videos are like super glue for your audience’s memory, asks social media expert Emily-Rose Hills.

Did you know viewers remember a whopping 95 per cent of a message when it’s in a video, compared to just 10 per cent from text? Plus, nearly everyone (96 per cent, to be exact) watches explainer videos to learn about products or services. The conclusion? The play button is your new best friend.

Being on camera can feel like a first date – awkward. But like all good things, it gets better with practice. Grab your smartphone, a ring light, and some free editing software (CapCut, anyone?), and let’s dive into some tips to make your next video a smash hit.

Five tips to level up your video game

Tip #1: Short, sweet, and snappy

Think of your video as a bite-sized snack. You want to hook your viewers faster than they can double-tap on a cat video. Skip the lengthy intros and jump right into the good stuff. If your content’s solid, they’ll stick around without any pleading.

Tip #2: Tell stories like Spielberg

Every video should spin a yarn, even if it’s a quick 30-second flick. Start with a bang, keep it interesting, and end with a call to action. Picture this: you’re showing off your hotel chain – start from the grand entrance, swoop through the lobby, and end at the poolside with a cocktail in hand and a book now. That’s storytelling.

Tip #3: Light it up and angle it right

Good lighting is non-negotiable. Play with angles, colours, and filters to make your video pop. Remember, you’re the peacock here – time to show off those feathers.

Tip #4: Keep it 100% real

People can sniff out a sales pitch from a mile away. Be yourself. Show off what makes your brand unique. Are you the fun-loving party starter or the sleek, sophisticated type? Let that personality shine in your videos.

Tip #5: It’s all about engagement

Wrap up with a thought-provoking question or a tantalising cliffhanger. Keep your audience chatting, thinking, and – most importantly – not scrolling past.

Bonus Pro Tip: The power of analytics

Turn into a social media detective. Figure out which videos are hit and which are miss. Learn, tweak, and keep on filming so you’re not just making videos. You’re crafting stories, painting pictures, and performing a little magic.

This week’s video challenge:

Try a ‘Get Ready with Me’ or a storytime in your next direct-to-camera video. Start with a common problem, then casually introduce your product as the knight in shining armour. It’s not a sales pitch; it’s a friend sharing a life-changing tip.

Now, go out there and create videos that’ll make the social media world sit up and take notice. 

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