How coding success can transform customer experiences

- April 15, 2016 3 MIN READ

Everything you need to be successful in delivering an outstanding customer experience is all around you.  Most people simply don’t notice that what they need to replicate this is right in front of them.  Instead, they have a series of habits in their business and life that may or may not be working for them.

Imagine that you are starting a new job.  Who do new people tend to spend time with when they start a new job at a new organisation?  The answer?  Other new people.  The result is that very often you have two people who have no idea what success looks like talking to each other, asking each other what they should be doing and trying to figure out what works.  It’s a complete waste of time.

Who is the best?

Instead, if you are new to an organisation, you need to identify who the best is at the company.  Who gets the best results?  Who has the most engaging style?  Who delivers the best customer experience?  Walk up to that person and introduce yourself.  You might say, “I’m new here and I understand you are the best.  I’d love any advice that you can give me.  Otherwise, I’m going to be watching what you do and trying to replicate it.”

Even if you don’t have the conversation with them, at least watch them.  What do they do that engages the customer?  What does the customer appreciate about them?  What do they do that is successful?

Perhaps there is not anyone at your organisation to model.  In that case, find someone else from a different organisation or company from your past to replicate successful behaviour.  Code their success and put it into action for yourself.

To make this come alive, it is easy to use a sports analogy.  Imagine joining a sporting team for the first time.  When most people join a team and are new to that team, who do they spend time with?  Other new players.  Therefore, they learn to train like rookies and have rookie attitudes and beliefs.  Instead, find the best player on the team.  How do they train?  How do they act in the face of adversity?  What is their belief system about success?  Code what it is that they do to be successful and begin to replicate it.

The same is true with fitness.  What do fit people do?  How do they exercise?  What do they eat?

Make it happen for you

Obviously, you would not be able to become fit overnight.  By the same token, you are not able to transform the customer experience in the first few minutes.  However, once you understand the habits and behaviours of the best people on your team or in your industry, you can begin to put those habits and behaviours into your own business.  This will dramatically expedite your journey to success.

Another way of “coding success” is to shift positions of perception and ask the question from the customers’ perspective.  “What customer experience am I expecting to have?  What would exceed my expectations?”

By shifting to their perspective, you can start to code the expectations of that customer and map that back to the customer experience you are currently delivering.  The questions will then start to roll:

  • Are we delivering a customer service that is meeting expectation?
  • What would the customer want to have a truly outstanding customer experience?
  • Who else is delivering that experience for their customers?
  • What would we have to do to code that success and also deliver that experience?

Everything you need to be successful is right in front of you.  Most of the time, people overcomplicate this process.  You know what success looks like in your industry.  What are the simple changes that you can make that will immediately change the experience of the customer?  Code success and replicate.

Chris Helder is one of the world’s most outstanding speakers on the topic of communication, leadership and influence.  He is the author of the newly released book Useful Belief:  Because it’s better than positive thinking and the best-selling book The Ultimate Book of Influence.

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