Two words: ‘support local’ say Chapel Street businesses

- September 4, 2020 2 MIN READ

Businesses in the Chapel Street precinct are calling for Melbourne residents to ‘support local’ businesses as leaked documents suggested Premier Daniel Andrews was planning to extend stage four lockdowns.

While the premier has since come out saying that the documents are out of date, the city’s business owners have launched a campaign to encourage people to spend with them as they continue to fight for survival.

The campaign, TWO WORDS. SUPPORT LOCAL is described as a barebones, no-frills push for Melburnians and Victoria to spend their money with independent local businesses as lockdown restrictions bring many businesses to their knees.

“Support local is unapologetically simple, stripped back and straight to the point,” said Precinct Association Manager, Chrissie Maus.

“We need to get every business to the other side of this pandemic and we need our communities’ help. This is a plea for Melburnians to do everything in their power to spend their money with local businesses that are independently owned and in dire need of support.

“We stress local rather than large chain stores because these other businesses benefit from income streams from other states not affected by Melbourne’s strict Stage 4 lockdown. They most often have other lifelines, our local (Mum and Dad) businesses do not. These small businesses are hanging from the fibre of a thread. Many are dipping into their superannuation and used what small income they made in lockdown number one to re-open, just to be shut down all over again.”

“We, as a community of over 2,200+ small businesses are pleading with Melburnians – question where your money goes and which pockets it ends up in,” said Justin O’Donnell. “The truth behind most well-known delivery apps is they gouge as much as 35% from each restaurant’s order, often higher than the restaurant’s profit margin. The small businesses of Chapel Street Precinct, like all small businesses around Australia, are owned by hard-working people who are close to the wall and right now, every dollar counts.

For more information on Chapel Street Precinct’s TWO WORDS. SUPPORT LOCAL campaign, visit:

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