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Two-thirds of Aussies struggle to choose a good tradie

- November 3, 2016 3 MIN READ

True Local – the go-to business review and ratings website – has today released a survey of over 1,000 Australian homeowners that found two-thirds of Aussies find it hard to choose a good tradesperson, and in many cases are unsure of how to make a choice between businesses.

While 86 percent of Aussies will happily call in help if they don’t have the right skills, an alarming three in five Aussies are still not sure what questions to ask to separate a good tradie from the bad. The research showed women are more likely than men (65% v 55%) to be uncertain about how to differentiate a good tradie from a bad one.

The study found over half of homeowners search online first when looking for a tradesperson, with more than two thirds of the younger generation (18-34) being the quickest to look online or put a call out on social media for recommendations. Yet, despite the ability to hire a tradesperson at the click of a button, research highlights that there is a lack of information online for Aussies, which could be negatively impacting professional businesses trying to reach new customers.

True Local General Manager Robert Tolliday said the research identified the need for trades and services businesses to enhance their online profile with rich information and visual examples, as it will help Aussies to feel more confident before making a decision on who to hire.

“Nearly 66 percent of Aussies check a business listing and read up to five reviews before making a decision. As more people go online for help, it’s important to break down the anonymity screen that sits between consumers and tradies. The businesses that willingly provide key information about areas of expertise, why their service is reliable and examples of past experience will generate more interest from prospective customers and reap the rewards,” he said.

To help make it easier for people to know how to choose a tradie, True Local asked over 300 tradespeople what questions all Aussies should follow before committing to a job. In addition to reading other people’s reviews, the top questions homeowners should ask are:

1. Ask for a written quote
2. Ask about the timeframe of the job
3. Get a clear date of when will the work begin
4. Clarify the terms of payment
5. Enquire how long have they been in business
6. Ask to see a trade license
7. Find out if the tradie or business is a member of a trade organisation
8. Ask for evidence on the guarantee of their work(in the event of an incident)
9. Ask for proof of insurance against damage
10. Ask to speak to past references for their work

“Every day True Local connects Aussies with trusted trades and services professionals, making the process of finding a tradie easier. We work closely with local businesses to build online profiles that make a strong first impression through ratings and reviews, photos, and displaying credentials and qualifications, as well as online video. This sets customers up with a full toolset to get to know a tradie before inquiring about a quote,” said Tolliday.

Streamlining the search for trusted tradespeople, True Local helps Australians to make a confident decision by answering the important questions before having to pick up the phone.

From October 17th – November 20th 2016, True Local is supporting small businesses by featuring ‘get to know your local tradie’ videos on digital billboards at suburban transport stations in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Aussies can search and get to know local tradies by visiting the True Local website:


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