Transform 2018 APAC: GoCanvas is leading the way in business technology

In a mobile-first world, maintaining a competitive edge can be difficult. Adopting technology can be one way to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve. At the upcoming Transform 2018 APAC conference, SMEs will discover how digital transformation can power their business to new heights.

There is no denying technology is transforming the ways SMBs do business. From cloud-based accounting solutions to chatbots and workflow tools; whether you’re a builder, a restaurateur or an artist, digital transformation is impacting all sectors of business and all professions. Finding a pathway through the myriad of options is no easy task.

The Dell ‘Realising 2030 Technology Report’ discovered 37 per cent of respondents believed administrative work – such as scheduling meetings, workflow and data input – are tasks that would be outsourced or automated by 2030.

However, the reality is, businesses won’t need to wait a decade to see this prediction come true. Already SMBs and big businesses are realising the strength of digital transformation to power work processes.

James Quigley, CEO of workplace technology platform GoCanvas suggests the future is now. The GoCanvas workflow solution is already assisting businesses all over the globe, making it easier to navigate the vast array of options on offer in the space.

According to Quigley GoCanvas, provides a fast-to-deploy and simple-to-use mobile solution that automates the outdated workflows that often hold back business from performing effectively and growing.

Quigley tells Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB) the company is passionate about delivering effective mobile-first solutions for its users. He wants to share this passion and knowledge with SMBs to empower them to take advantage of digital transformation.

In keeping with this desire, the company held its inaugural conference in the US last year. Later this month it will deliver its first Australian incarnation, with Transform 2018, APAC.

On the agenda: customer case studies, business insights and keynotes on the impact and future of business technology trends. The brand will also take the opportunity to launch their latest product, GoCanvas 10, which delivers a true mobile-first experience in the workflow space.

“GoCanvas believes that innovation starts with shared knowledge and we are passionate about engaging with our current and future customers,” Quigley explains.

Amongst the speakers at the event is Adam Zuckerman, the director of Ventures & Innovation at Discovery Communication. A renowned futurist and AI expert, Zuckerman believes more businesses should harness the power of AI.

In a recent interview with Zuckerman suggested businesses can no longer afford to keep their head in the sand when it comes to new technologies.

“You need to be thinking about your business and how you operate in life as if it was a chess game. You have to think several steps ahead, and just because what you think about doesn’t come to pass at least you are prepared,” Zuckerman said.

According to Zuckerman AI, bots and apps have the potential to make businesses more efficient, by freeing up business owners from burdensome administrative tasks.

It’s a sentiment Quigley shares. “We decided to bring Transform to Australia to showcase discovery and ideation, he says. “As our commitment to innovation never wavers, we will also launch GoCanvas 10 at Transform.

“Mobile is increasingly becoming the first choice for many businesses around the world and GoCanvas 10 provides a truly end-to-end mobile experience.”

If you’d like to find out more about the power of digital transformation to improve productivity and enhance your business opportunities don’t miss this game-changing free event! Transform 2018 APAC takes place on September 19, 2018 from 9am – 3pm in Sydney. Register for a FREE ticket now! To learn more about GoCanvas, visit

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