Total Image Group brings fashion and function to corporate uniforms

- April 16, 2018 2 MIN READ

Pamela Jabbour was just 21 when she founded Total Image Group. Armed with a dream and a marketing degree, the pocket rocket CEO, her brother and a friend decided to launch their own company designing and manufacturing uniforms for Australia’s leading brands.

A little over a decade later and Jabbour has taken Total Image Group to become one of the leading uniform supply companies in the world, servicing 250,000 people a day across Australia and New Zealand. Her clients include Dan Murphy, Woolworths and most recently the 2018 Winter Olympic team.

When Jabbour first started the business, she knew little about the sales and distribution process, but that didn’t stop her ambitious plans. She tells Kochie’s Business Builders in the first twelve months of operation she cold-called 10s of 1000s of customers before securing the company’s first order of 300 uniforms.

Around eight months into the life of the company, Jabbour pitched for a job with a national client to produce 30,000 uniforms.

“From the minute we got the call to the first presentation, I knew this was our opportunity to really take the business to the next level and prove to the industry we were a force to be reckoned with,” Jabbour says.

When Total Image Group won the pitch it was life-changing for Jabbour and the business. More opportunities flowed from the success of the pitch and Jabbour found herself having to scale Total Image Group at a very rapid rate.

“In our business at Total Image Group we could not have achieved the growth we have had without the financial support and confidence with our bank, “ she says of NAB.

“We have a banker and our relationship is very personal. We have very open and honest conversations and they have provide an integral part by making us feel comfortable with our finances and giving key advice on how we can navigate our finances and move forward.

“Banking and finance is such an essential part [of the business] but I can go into key meetings knowing it’s something we don’t have to stress about – our bank has our back.”

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