Top 10 marketing tools for 2017

- January 4, 2017 3 MIN READ

This marketing stack – the term used to describe multiple marketing tools –  are ten of the best to consider for your marketing and advertising. Which ones are right for your small business?

# 1. Google Analytics
You can identify the basic profile of the customers including demographics, age, gender, and user activities on their site. Google Analytics can be utilised in small, medium and large enterprises. It shows the sessions, average duration of each session as well as user flow reporting (how users navigate from a website to other channels).

Google Analytics allow users to filter and manipulate results through integration of the Google Analytics and Google’s cloud platform. Thus, this helps company to execute the most suitable strategies according to the necessities and trends.

# 2. BuzzSumo
Allows marketers to monitor and compare online trends and performance of their content. BuzzSumo also assists in discovering the social media shares and other related features which show the impact of these for your business.

Perhaps people’s difficulty in recalling a keyword that they used to search can be solved by Buzz Sumo. It is because BuzzSumo allows users to save and download their search results in different formats.

# 3. Screaming frog SEO Spider Tool
SEO Spider Tool allows users to go through website URL and save key on site elements for SEO purposes. Other uses include searching broken links, analyse page titles & meta data as well as creating XML sitemaps. In addition to those, users need not to fret with the possibilities of using a duplicated URL. It is simply because Screaming frog allows users to detect duplication of URLs using md5 algorithms.

# 4. Facebook audience insights
Facebook audience insights help you to examine the demographics, page likes, location, activity and lifestyle of the audience. You can use the tool to get those info from three different groups of people:

  • Every Facebook user
  • People connected to a page or event
  • Audience consisting of your existing customers

From those information, you will be able to identify the preference of your target audience. Additionally, you can also customise the region, gender and age range that you consider as your target audiences.

# 5. Hootsuite
Hootsuite helps marketers by allowing marketers to create, import and share lists of social influencers and highly prioritised clients.

The tool also aids other business workers to avoid duplication and missed message (e.g.: When your team member responds to messages on Facebook, the other workers will also be notified).

Engagement with customers and client is very important in a business world. Therefore, Hootsuite allows marketers to hold video, photo and quizzes and pollings to express their choices and opinions.

# 6. Crowd Reviews
Unlike the other marketing tools that we have discussed above, Crowd Reviews is a tool that helps marketing in a different way. Crowd Reviews help both businesses and customers by showing the opinion of customers on a certain gadget, information technology service or a software.

Alongside with the opinions, site visitors can also view the rank and overall score of any software or IT service that they choose. The rankings are displayed based on the overall score of the product or service, and the aggregation of the overall score is calculated based on the review, engagement, verified and profile scores.

# 7. SimilarWeb
SimilarWeb enables marketers to view the percentage of engagement with customers, how well you perform in the market and many others. The engagement is shown based on the estimated amount of monthly visits in the last view months, number of pageviews and the duration of time spent on the webpage.

Whereas the performance of your business is assessed based on the visits from specific keywords and the analysis of traffic sources (includes direct, referral or search).

# 8. Social Mention
Social mention is a real time search platform that assists users to check and find out what consumers and other businesses are discussing about your products (e.g.: their personal opinions). The results will be based on various social media, including Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Google and many others. The platform can also be used to find out the current trends of events from worldwide.

Social mention displays the percentage of strength, passion and ratio between the positive and negative comments on a particular product or event.

# 9. SpyFu
Based on the URL that you used in SpyFu, you will be able to view the amount of likes, share, organic, SEO and Pay per click (PPC) searches of a particular website or page. Other than that, SpyFu helps you to compare your performance with your competitors, as it enables you to view your competitors’ profile.

# 10. MailChimp
MailChimp is a web based application that enables people to send multiple marketing emails, advertisements, and other automated messages simultaneously. Despite its simplicity, MailChimp is flexible and suitable for different professions. What is meant by ‘flexible and suitable’ is that MailChimp can be used to help designers, marketers and bloggers.

MailChimp is integrated with many e-commerce services and platforms that are commonly used nowadays (e.g.: Google analytics). To help you understand the progress of your business, MailChimp allows users to view the report that shows the statistics, tables and maps.