10 fit-tastic Australian boutique gyms

10 fit-tastic Australian boutique gyms

It is no secret why boutique gyms are gaining popularity across Australia. They are paving the way for quality coaching, excellent services and genuine long-term results.

Looking for more one-on-one time with fitness coaches? Boutique gyms have spent a lot of time refining their coaching skills. It’s a combination of passion and knowledge that provides the best service and that’s why we think they are worthy of a hearty small business pat on the back!

Here’s a great list of ten boutique gyms Australia wide. Which one is your favourite?

Flow Athletic


Flow Athletic is a luxury fitness club that resembles a modern warehouse, with wooden interiors and exposed scaffolding. Director of Yoga Kate Kendall and Director of Fitness Ben Lucas have combined their years of training to open Flow Athletic, a space where a balanced approach to fitness is encouraged by providing a range of yoga, TRX and Spin classes in a natural, innovative and luxurious environment. “We got our inspiration from a lot of US gyms and that, at the time, Sydney was lacking in design-focused fitness spaces, says Lucas.

ITrain Fitness Boutique Gym


iTrain Fitness is a boutique, studio gym offering a range of services for all differing fitness abilities and interests. Sydney-based iTrain has been keeping people active and healthy since 2010. It doesn’t matter what stage of fitness you are at, iTrain will accommodate every fitness goal. Owner Lachlan Y has had a lifetime of experience and interest in the fitness industry. For the last 16 years, he has been an active member of the Australian Defence Force holding various positions within the Army. Lachlan has a passion for ultra marathon running where he has competed in many events in the past seven years. Lachlan uses a multi-faceted, hands-on approach that allows trainers to personalise every fitness experience to get the results most desired.

KX Pilates


As a personal trainer, Aaron built his reputation specialising in strength and conditioning before his search for new training techniques lead him overseas to celebrity hide-out ski fields in the USA. From there he travelled to London where he discovered Dynamic Pilates, and saw an amazing uptake and expansion of this bootcamp style of pilates. Aaron brought this idea back to Australia and with his own spin on the workout, created the dynamic KX Pilates workout in Melbourne. With the help and support of his amazing team, Aaron’s passion, determination, and entrepreneurial flair has helped him drive the business to where it is today.


Kit Haselden Photography - www.kithaselden.com

Sydney-based boutique gym is none like the others. Crew is centered around the gracefully hand crafted timer WaterRower. Founder and Head Coach of Crew, Mike Aldridge’s passion for rowing began at The Scots College. He was left with the difficult decision of choosing between Rowing or Rugby. Choosing rugby eventually, Mike spent over 10 year playing professional rugby in Italy for Rugby Roma. After a long successful career abroad, Mike returned home to Sydney keen to start a career in something he was always passionate about. Playing rugby definitely took a toll on Mike’s body, with doctors informing him that he shouldn’t run and to avoid high impact exercise due to various surgeries undertaken over the years. Mike returned to the art of rowing. He has achieved incredible results by developing programs centered around the rowing machine. Mike’s successful personal training business is located in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

P.E Dept


P.E. Dept have undergone some exciting new changes recently with the gym coming under new management with Evan Deleede and Veronica Wallington. Evan has been fully immersed in the Australian Fitness Industry. He has managed multiple locations of the fast-growing ‘Fit n Fast’ gyms located throughout Sydney. He brings with him the sole vision of transforming this gym to the highest of standards as Sydney’s best. Veronica is founder and head trainer of V8 Group Training. She is a former distance runner, competing as a professional athlete. However, now she works on the other side of the spectrum, focusing on coaching and training Australians to achieve their fitness and athletic goals.

Cross Fit Infinitum


Cross Fit Infinitum is perfect for anyone wanting to make the change in their life and take ownership of their personal health and well-being. That was the motto that owner Oliver Smith went by personally. Struggling with body issues himself, Smith wanted to do something fun yet balanced. In 2007, he started out as a Personal Trainer. It was during that time that he discovered CrossFit. Sydney-based CrossFit resembles what Smith struggled through himself stepping into the fitness industry.

Centennial Health Club


Centennial Health Club is run and owned by Sydney entrepreneur Andrew B. From an earlier age, Andrew was a competitive swimmer. He has been lucky enough that his career allowed him to travel around the world working in London, Dublin and Dubai for some of the leading gyms and health clubs. This experience has given him the inspiration and idea to build something special and something that is close to his heart. He loves fitness, he lives and breathes it every day. His goal is to share this passion with as many people as possible.

98 Riley Street Gym


There aren’t many gyms out there that genuinely make us want to kick our fitness into gear except maybe one – 98 Riley St Gym. Sydney’s best private gym comes with some of the best trainers in the business, Chris Feather is one of them. As a founder and gym manager of 98 Riley St Gym and owner of Chris Feather Training his own personal business on the side, his businesses have grown by word of mouth. Chris values fitness and health over appearance and says he wouldn’t have “any of his clients do anything he hasn’t done’. Chris has trained and travelled with the likes of Russell Crowe. Chris played professional Rugby League in the UK for 11 years. When he moved to Australia, it seemed like a great opportunity to use what he had learned over his professional sports career to get involved in Australia’s fitness industry.

Temple Gym

rooftop pic

Temple Gym is run by duo Daniel and Felicity Keegan. It is small business located in the Gold Coast. Exercise professionals Daniel and Felicity are a husband and wife team. Daniel is extremely passionate about fitness and health and it was always his dream to own a gym. As a husband and wife team, their fitness centre is open to everyone, catering to all fitness levels and needs.

5th Element Wellness (5EW)


Founders Matthew Hoo and David O’Brien run a dynamic Melbourne based boutique gym, 5th Element Wellness. Hoo decided to open his own boutique gym because he felt that there were many occurrences where people would join a gym and wouldn’t end up achieving their results. He also believed that the large fitness companies care more about money than members achieving results. Hoo and O’Brien established 5th Element Wellness concentrating on achieving results as the priority. They call that ‘a good business and a true win/win scenario’.

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  1. Did you determine the 10 best boutique gyms based on the services offered or their profitability?

    Are they registered with Fitness Australia, indicating that their instructors all accredited and registered helping in the protection of the consumer?

    • Hi Justin, great to hear from you. Thank you for your feedback on ‘Are these Australia’s top 10 boutique gyms?’. We really do appreciate it. We chose these 10 boutique gyms based on the fact that they had a great social media presence, they were boutique gyms and that they were situated nationwide. Our aim is to include as many small businesses from around Australia. The ones on this list are located all around Australia. We aim to give exposure to these small businesses to the rest of Australia.

      What would you like to read about next on Kochie’s Business Builders?

    • Great question Justin. And just as carefully avoided as it was a necessary question posed (which I think tells us more than a straightforward answer would have).

      • Hi Alexander – thanks for your comments. We try to do our best to support small business by giving them free editorial coverage where we can and try to be as fair as possible when we do this. A big part of doing this is including a range of small businesses from around the country (as we are a national digital publication and newsletter list Australia wide). This particular piece was not an official poll and this list does not constitute an official competition in any way. We are sorry if you weren’t happy with the editorial selection in this coverage but we will cover boutique gyms again as is was a popular area. I will change the wording in case this was misleading in any way. Thanks again. KBB

  2. Hi Shihana
    Being a boutique gym owner of Rancan Sisters Fitness I feel it’s a broad statement to isolate 10 gyms and announce they are the top 10. There are probably many, including ourselves who are deserving of your top 10 title and being small business owners would appreciate the boost that a story such as this generates.
    We invite you to visit us at 5 Best Avenue, Mosman to workout with us, the most experienced in the business, registered with Fitness Australia, our boutique gym has unique fitness programs in the most incredible location, beautiful views & a pristine facility.
    It doesn’t get more top 10 than that.

    • Hi Adele! Thank you for writing in to us. The boutique gyms chosen were simply based on exposure. The aim was to expose small businesses around the country. These gyms weren’t picked based on experience or pristine facilities. It was simply to provide exposure to the ones who weren’t well known. Thanks!

  3. Hi KBB – Please checkout Livebreathe Health Camp; Fitness. We are a small group training boutique studio in Randwick and currently in our 3rd year of business. We would love an opportunity to show you around to see if our business is worthy of some exposure. regards Christian

  4. Hey KBB team. Think your doing a great job covering topics. Obviously some boutique gym owners are upset that you have narrowed in on particular gyms (and theirs weren’t on the list). Please don’t let the haters stop you from doing more articles like this. We own gyms & live seeing case studies on other business & what sets them apart..

  5. Hey KBB team. I Think you are doing a great job covering topics. Obviously some boutique gym owners are upset that you have narrowed in on particular gyms (and their clubs didn’t make the list). Please don’t let the haters stop you from doing more articles like this. We own gyms & love seeing case studies on other business & what sets them apart..


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