To achieve a big result – think small!

- March 13, 2017 2 MIN READ

In a world of big, accelerating changes and disruptive technology it’s easy to forget the small stuff. But I have found with big and small businesses alike, it’s often the small things that matter most to customers and staff.

And these small wins as I call them can really add up over time and make a big impact. These small aspects of a business are also a reflection of your values and attention to detail.

Think of a book store that has a supply of reading glasses at the counter you can borrow or offering free wifi at a shopping centre or a book store where the staff make recommendations on new books.

Small things really do matter.

Don’t believe me? Well think back to the last time you were at a social or networking function for example and the person you were talking to remembers your name and some relevant aspect of your life as they introduce you to someone else.

It’s a small win (for both you, the new person and the person doing the introduction). The goal is to create a win – win for the customer or consumer and your business.

Offering some advice of which wine works well with a certain meal for example (if you owned a wine shop) is a lovely example of a win–win. It benefits the customer who often feels overwhelmed at the choice available and they (the customer) may spend more or return again and again for your advice. Or tell others about your service.

Business needs to be innovative to continue to grow. But it does not have to be big to be successful. In fact, what I call small wins innovation is fast, simple and easy to do. You can test a small change quickly and see what happens. It means that you can constantly challenge the status quo and stay ahead of your competition.

What’s more it’s low risk and will not cost you a fortune to innovate.

There is another big advantage of small wins innovation. By thinking small you can go to any business and take notice of any number of small things they do well or don’t do well (lets call these small losses).

Then ask yourself; what can I learn; adapt or borrow? What can I test quickly, easily and cheaply? And most importantly, how can I create a win for my customer and my business?

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