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Checkpoint Weekly Tax Bulletin

A comprehensive analytical tax news service that also delivers comments by practitioners on the practicalities of industry developments including cases, tax rulings and ATO views. These weekly tax bulletins also feature contributions from business-focused experts providing deeper analysis of topical tax issues. Special coverage is given to year-end tax planning, the Federal Budget and newly introduced tax legislation, as well as major tax developments and GST. Learn more.

Fresh take on R&D tax incentives

Mining the smart economy with a fresh take on R&D tax incentives In the wake of the mining boom, Australia is boosting efforts to 'mine...

It’s almost budget time: Here’s our predictions ahead of May 8

If you’re expecting major reforms from this year’s budget, the experts at Thomson Reuters suggest you might be out of luck. Here are their...

Will work perks be in the firing line this budget?

"It's all good, I'll claim it back on tax". How often have you found yourself saying these words without having any clear idea how you're...

Full-time job, part-time business – the balancing act

A recognisable trend on the rise is the number of people working full-time while running a part-time business. Thanks to the world wide web...
Cash you later – why cash is no longer king

Cash you later – why cash is no longer king

Advancements in technology are forcing cash to gradually become redundant, and the government is in favour of cashing in coins for digital dollars. There are...

GST on property – Why should you pay?

Purchasing a home should be one of life's most exciting experiences with many likening it to getting married, starting a family - or -...

Boost your financial fitness ahead of 2018

How you find time for, well, just about anything else in life? And why should you dedicate it to improving your financial fitness?

What NOT to do if your business is going under

If things are turning pear-shaped for your business, if you feel like you’re flogging a dead horse, and if you’ve exhausted all avenues of...

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