This mum’s product will help your baby sleep and beat the heat

- January 17, 2019 3 MIN READ

Developed in answer to a young mum’s exasperation whilst trying to get her baby to sleep during a long-haul flight, the CoziGo has since become a best seller that’s helped 1000s of parents regulate their children’s sleep whilst on the go.

“The CoziGo journey started when my first daughter Aimee was just 5 months old. I flew from Sydney to London to introduce my mum to her first grandchild and I clearly remember getting off the plane exhausted and disheveled, carrying a screaming child,” explains CoziGo founder Emma Lovell. “We were both desperate to sleep as neither of us had. I greeted my Mum and remember saying “Well I won’t be flying with a baby again in a hurry! Absolute nightmare!”

Sadly, Lovell’s mum was diagnosed with cancer soon after and she found herself making the decision to relocate to the UK. However, with her partner still based in Australia, numerous trips across the Atlantic were called for. Yet her little one continued to suffer through sleepless flights.

Soon after, Lovell’s mother passed away and she returned home. Yet the memory of all those sleepless flights remained alive and the young mum decided to focus her attention on the problem.

Within months, the product’s first incarnation, Fly Babee, was born, and quickly caught the eye of Shark Tank judge Janine Allis.

“Fly Babee was hugely successful and sold thousands within Australia. Before long we were stocked in major baby shops and boutiques all over the world and we were getting lots of interest from overseas buyers,” Lovell recalls.

Cut to two years later and Lovell was ready to launch internationally when she came to the realisation Fly Babee wasn’t simply a cover to keep bubs cosy on long haul flights but a versatile one-size-fits-all cover-up solution that not only protected baby from light but heat as well. Indeed, it was one of the most popular sleep and sun covers for prams and strollers. With this thought in mind, Lovell decided it was time to rebrand. Fly Baby segued to CoziGo to reflect its role as a cosy sleep-on-the-go option.

Given the recent spate of heatwaves striking Australia’s cities this summer. Lovell’s product is a timely option for parents and caregivers wanting to protect their little ones from the heat.

With government health authorities warning parents of the dangers of covering prams with inappropriate material, Lovell’s CoziGo keeps babies safe and sound. Made from 100 per cent air permeable and breathable mesh, the CoziGo is UPF 50+ and blocks out 97 per cent of light so that a baby or toddler can sleep whilst keeping safe from the heat and sun.

The Sydney mother of two says living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, she’d often take a stroll with her baby in tow, only to come across parents inadvertently putting their children at risk of heat exhaustion by covering their prams with towels or clothes.

“It’s a common sight to see parents covering their baby’s stroller with a blanket or towel thinking they’re keeping bub safe from the sun and blocking distractions. However, poor circulation of air combined with the wrap following the line of the stroller means baby can pull the wrap in, causing a choking or suffocation hazard.

“What ensued was designing a product that is 100% breathable, has a Sun Protection Factor of 50+, still allows baby to see out of either side of the cover, and a pop-dome shape (so it can’t be kicked off by little legs, pulled by little fingers, or blown off in the wind), ensuring the sleeping environment is safe and comfortable for bub.”



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