This cycle business is helping older women keep fit for life

- March 8, 2019 2 MIN READ

Aussie bike business CyclePower is joining the push to keep women fit and healthy this International Women’s Day (IWD) with their new three-wheeler bike.

CyclePower co-founder Frank Riccobin thinks the company’s electric tricycles are the perfect fit for his year’s IWD theme of Balance for Better. Riccobin says a balanced life goal is becoming increasingly more important for women’s personal health and well-being.

A passionate cyclist, Riccobin was inspired to found the company after a knee operation forced him to give up his beloved two-wheeler. Purchasing an electric bike, Riccobin was motivated by his experience to help other people get back on track with their health and fitness plans. Soon after, CyclePower was born.

He sees the company’s electric trikes as a great option for senior women wanting more freedom in their fitness journey. In fact, Riccobin says the company is dedicated to supplying affordable electric tricycles that are easy-to-ride at any age.

CyclePower Operations manager Sue, chats with customers

“Some senior women are no longer able to drive or exercise the way they used to,” said Riccobon. “They’re not ready to go to a motorised scooter, and they still want to get some exercise and fresh air. Our electric tricycle gives them a new lease on life as they experience the many benefits of riding an electric tricycle. It ticks all their boxes.”

Riccobin says the trikes are a great option to assist seniors with regaining some mobility. The tricycle incorporates pedal assistance and motor input. This means while the rider is pedalling, motor input is activated. This helps the rider to experience less resistance while riding, even uphill. In pedal assist mode, the trike senses the amount of torque that is applied, and the motor automatically kicks on as needed, helping riders to easily climb the bumps and hills they may experience during a ride.

Riccobin says CyclePower’s trikes will allow senior women to “ride where they please and enjoy the journey,”. While he says the health benefits are obvious, from improving circulation to overall fitness levels. More importantly, the trike’s unique frame allows the rider to lean like a bike while the rear wheels remain stable giving riders more confidence. Balance is better achieved with three wheels.

Riccobin says many women have already enjoyed meeting and exceeding their life goals thanks to the company’s electric tricycle, and in a true testimony of how a trike can change someone’s life says one customer even went from being wheelchair bound for three and a half years to riding a trike!

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