Think intelligent POS is just for big business? Think again

- September 18, 2019 2 MIN READ

Intelligent POS systems are no longer just for the big players in town. Small businesses across the world are benefiting from some seriously smart tech that’s making a significant business impact.

As a small business owner, your time is precious – and extremely valuable. Which is why you need to ensure you’re spending it on the things that truly matter.

As well as time, your hard-earned money is precious, too. If you’re going to spend it on tech, it needs to deliver across the business, as well as having a good bottom-line impact.

You may think a super-smart POS system that can impact your whole business is just for businesses at the top end of town. You know, those slick, multi-branch organisations that seem to understand what their customers want before they even step foot in the store?

You may think that. But you’d be quite wrong.

Because there’s a wave of cost-effective technology that’s powering small businesses, from bars and restaurants to entertainment venues and service providers, across the globe.

Here are just a few of the benefits small businesses are enjoying from using a POS that’s specifically designed for their needs.

Simplified operations

A POS system that’s been tailor-made for small business needs to be simple to set up. It also must feel intuitive for their employees, so training takes minutes, not hours.

Insights that matter

A small business POS system needs to interpret data to pin down the items that are going to make a difference to the balance sheet. Small businesses that are using a purpose-built POS today have their business data turned into easy-to-understand reports, identifying their key profit areas, as well as their hidden costs.

Employee management

As well as keeping track of what’s happening with their customers, small businesses are using POS technology to manage employees, too. From availability and shift requests to scheduling, a strong POS can help to take the burden out of managing staff rosters.

Going global

Business today is all about customer experience, and this extends way beyond the confines of your bricks-and-mortar store. Intelligent POS systems are helping small businesses expand their reach to connect with customers online, 24/7. The right POS system can help you take your offering online and even offers the ability for your customers to order ahead – delivering a top-end-of-town experience for your customers, regardless of your size.

Loyalty programs

Gathering intelligence through a POS is one thing – interpreting that data and actioning it is another altogether. Small businesses across the world are driving return visits and sales with marketing and loyalty tools built-in to their POS. Automated campaigns are turning occasional customers into brand advocates.

Sales forecasting

Small businesses are also using smart POS systems to take the guesswork out of sales forecasts and stock ordering, by analysing trends and predicting with some accuracy what you may need. From volumes of specific products to staffing levels, a POS can identify what you need before you know you need it.

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