The tech trends boosting staff morale

- December 20, 2019 2 MIN READ

As technology continues to disrupt workplaces and industries, understanding and keeping abreast of the latest tech trends will be key to keeping staff motivated while giving your business the jump on the competition.

So, what are the tech trends to watch out for in 2020? From Ai to machine learning, the rise of 5G and the rollout of the NBN, technology is impacting every aspect of our lives. Here’s what you need to know.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning have been top of mind for many Australians in the past year as the fourth industrial revolution gets well under way. AI is spreading across every industry and is proving a gamechanger. The potential for AI to free humans from mundane tasks is enormous. The impact is already being felt across industries, who are moving to automation to increase productivity. While small businesses are introducing cloud solutions to get real time data on their finances, customer information or even their stock.

Remote work

20 years ago, the notion of remote work would have been impossible to conceive. Today’s employees are demanding access to flexible working conditions. For employers this means they need to provide access to remote work. However to reap the full benefits, employers and employees need to ensure they have access to the latest tech to maintain productivity and security of data.

Workplace wellbeing

From wearables to meditation pods, workplace wellness is becoming big business for businesses both great and small. In fact, the wellness industry is tipped to be worth over $4 trillion dollars in the coming year. Employees are now actively seeking out employers that make wellness a priority. Physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is the trifecta – if your business can provide support across these areas you’ll gain major points from existing and potential staff. Fortunately, it’s becoming even easier to provide staff with access to wellness activities. Thanks to the rise of smart devices and wearables, wellness apps are just a download away.

Connection and collaboration

As more of us choose to work remotely and face-t -face meetings become less common, the ability to remain connected becomes incredibly important. Fortunately, NBN has arrived just in time to make collaborating easier than ever. Access to this high-speed network makes it simple to conduct video conferences, relay information and generally keep in touch. While collaboration tools like Slack, Trello or even Google Drive make sharing documents, presentations, workflow charts and more, simple.

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