The small business bearing fruit: Aussie Apricots

- December 8, 2019 2 MIN READ

As fourth-generation fruit growers in Mypolonga on the beautiful Murray River in South Australia, the Prosser family know a thing or two about growing fresh produce. Their Aussie apricots are amongst the best in the business.

However, in 2005 as their orchards were crippled by severe drought, and the region began to lose ground to Victoria as the nation’s premier producer of apricots, the family knew it had to do something to survive.

Husband and wife team Paul and Kathy hatched up a plan. They would diversify the family business. No longer would they simply grow fruit. Instead, they would dry it too.

“We now do over 40 lines/products in our factory,” Kathy tells KBB. “We supply to fruit and veg shops as well as IGAs in WA & SA and a small amount into NSW and Vic.

The family use around 28 tonnes of dried apricots a season to create their homestyle jams and chutneys. After further brainstorming, the family have scaled further to produce a range of chocolate-covered confectionery that includes some of the best chocolate-coated Ginger and Prunes you will ever taste.

“We use 1.5 tonne of chocolate in 3 to 4 weeks,” Kathy explains.

The couple’s enterprise has lifted the region’s economy as they purchase from local growers to feed the demand for their business.

Like many family businesses before them, the Prossers have discovered the key to success is remaining agile. Recently they expanded their business further restoring an old burnt out stone cottage on their property for use as a convention centre. An existing shed was transformed to host a BBQ and meeting area and the couple have added a third venture to their bow, opening up a car museum on the property. The museum is now home to some 14 vintage vehicles and an array of muscle cars.

While the family continues to band together to look for ways to prosper amidst some challenging conditions, Kathy says working with family is always a joy.

“Working together for over 17years and as a family business we have control of our destiny.”

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