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The single trigger in social media marketing that sends me west 💨

- March 25, 2024 2 MIN READ


Online, social media management and content creation are key to grabbing and keeping people’s attention when scrolling on social platforms, so it triggers me when someone says “Just throw it up on socials.” writes social media expert Emily-Rose Hills.

There’s no just throwing things anywhere, thank you. What you may assume is grabbing an image, writing something like “It’s giving coffee vibes” and chucking in some random hashtags, in reality, it is a very carefully curated balance between social media management and content creation.

Social media is so much more than throwing up a post, let me explain…

Social media management vs content creation

Social media management

Social Media Management (SMM) is the strategist, the planner, and the one who navigates the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms. SMM is about understanding the “when,” “where,” and “how often” to post. It’s comparable to a music maestro conducting an orchestra, ensuring each section comes in at the right time to create a harmonious symphony. Instead of instruments, it’s reels, posts, and stories. SMM is about engagement, analytics, and building a community—tuning into the feedback, the comments, and the direct messages, and using that to steer the ship. 

Content creation

Content Creation is about the “what” and “why.” It’s storytelling, photography, videography, and writing—all rolled into one. Content creators are the ones who make you stop scrolling, make you laugh, think, or maybe even shed a tear. They’re the artists who turn a brand or personality into something relatable, something human. But here’s where it gets interesting: while they can stand alone, they shine when used together. 

How SMM and content creation work hand-in-hand

Imagine crafting the most stunning content, a video that could make Spielberg weep, but it’s posted at 3 AM when everyone’s asleep. Or having the perfect posting schedule, but the content feels as engaging as watching paint dry. You might as well have a Ferrari with no engine—it looks pretty, but it’s not going anywhere fast. The magic happens in collaboration. Effective SMM ensures that stellar content gets the spotlight it deserves, at the right time, and on the right platform, reaching the right audience. It’s about ensuring all the effort put into content creation pays off, turning likes and shares into a loyal community.

While they can operate independently, Social Media Management and Content Creation are far more powerful as a team. So, the next time you’re scrolling through your favourite social media feed, remember the unseen duo working behind the scenes to make that experience possible. It’s not just about posting pretty pictures or witty captions; it’s a carefully orchestrated dance between strategy and creativity. So, next time you ask someone in your office to “throw” something up on social media, please take a moment to appreciate the work behind the scenes. 

Ready to transform your social media from a solo act to a symphony? Say goodbye to just “throwing it up on socials” and hello to meaningful engagement and a growing community. 

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