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- November 3, 2017 3 MIN READ

The life of a small business owner is a stressful one. They are under a great deal of pressure and having time to pause is seen as a luxury. Stevie Rose, Founder of Meditation Revolution says, “When asked about meditation, the most common response from people is that they simply don’t have the time. In actual fact we are all given the exact same hours in the day and we all make choices on what to prioritise.”

Stevie founded Meditation Revolution after three decades of experience practicing meditation. Now, she shows small business owners and entrepreneurs how meditation can increase productivity, calm their anxiety and transform their lives.

“Small business owners are typically extremely busy individuals who are often forced to focus on many details all at once. It’s no surprise they often struggle with insomnia, anxiety, negative thinking and a host of issues that stem from there,” says Stevie. People have 60-70,000 thoughts per day and 90% are the same thought as the previous day. Meditation brings clarity and clearer thinking and leads to better business decisions. “It is the cheapest, most portable and most effective tool for improving your business!”, she says.

It’s no surprise people struggle with insomnia and anxiety

Top 5 tips for small businesses starting a regular meditation practice

  1. Make meditation, like your business, a priority. Start your day with 10 minutes of meditation before you begin the to-do lists. This way you set yourself up with the right mindset to tackle and embrace the day ahead. Repetition is the master of skill.
  2. Book out your meditation time in your diary and don’t compromise your practice. Dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes before 7am and 10 minutes before 6pm.
  3. Offer meditation to your work force for a more productive, stress-free environment. You, your staff and your clients will benefit immensely.
  4. Follow your gut instincts. Start listening to your inner wisdom for a broader and insightful perspective in business.
  5. Invest in a teacher. As you invest in personal development courses, find a teacher who you can call on to support your meditation practice, offer advice and tune your practice.

Why is meditation so important?
There is a plethora of information, research and statistics extolling the benefits of meditation and more people are getting access to these. This often sparks an interest in how meditation can benefit their lives. Different life challenges trigger a desire to learn to meditate.

Meditation is very personal and requires a degree of perseverance and practice. In a world where we want everything now and we are used to instant gratification, meditation is teaching us to pause, to take time out just with ourselves – something we are not doing.

It is the most effective tool for improving your business!

What people commonly get wrong when starting out
Firstly meditation cannot be experienced lying down. Due to a number of meditation and mindfulness apps one of the common problems is people use these to learn to meditate and will often listen as they lie down to go to sleep or lie on the couch resting, listening to an app and think they are meditating, when really all they are doing is relaxing or resting.

Although it may appear like you are doing nothing when you are meditating, sitting in a chair with eyes closed, you are actually actively engaging in the practice of meditation. You are consciously watching your thoughts without attaching any emotions or feeling to them which then allows you to slip behind the thoughts and drop into a space of meditation.

How to make it a productive experience
Keep practicing! Find a good teacher so you can learn to meditate and a teacher who is available for you to discuss what’s happening in meditation so you can be comfortable you are doing the practice correctly, and receive additional guidance if needed. Meditation naturally brings balance and before long you can notice your state is much calmer and therefore you can operate more effectively and productively without the stress. This is particularly helpful when making multiple decisions as you feel the clarity of making decisions from a place of balance.

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