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The power of intuition in the workplace

- October 6, 2017 3 MIN READ

When shaking someone’s hand for the first time, you often get an instant feeling about the person on whether you can trust them or not. Do you listen to it? Every day our intuition impacts how we interact with people and who we choose to do business with, but it also impacts other aspects of the workplace too.

Successful business owners manage their company’s wellbeing from the inside out. By following your intuition, it allows you to connect better with yourself, staff and customers by simplifying the process of making important decisions. Here are 5 key ways that following your intuition can create powerful change in your business:

Learn to pace yourself
By looking after yourself you look after your business. Detecting early signs of stress, anxiety, fatigue and relationship issues are critical to your businesses success or failure. For example, a business owner experiencing growth can use their intuition to decide whether they will work over the weekend or not. By clearing their mind and emotions, they follow their intuition and decide it’s best health wise to take the weekend off. This decision considers the need for balance, and when applied long term will help achieve stronger business results.

Stop over thinking and increase your sales
Many businesses have great ideas yet their minds create unnecessary fears. Science shows we have 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are negative. It is Important to clear your thoughts. For example, an entrepreneur client of mine has been in product development mode for two years. Although having excellent sales skills they were hesitant to start selling again. My advice was to put attention into sales mode. Five days later the client had 15 new clients and a 6 months sales pipeline of 200% YTD. You must clear your mind of fear and take action.

Trust yourself with new business opportunities
It is the things that we say no to that determine our success more then when we say yes. Business opportunities can look great on paper, yet your heart and gut doesn’t feel right about them. Science demonstrates we have over 100 million neurons in our gut (our second brain) and only 10 Million neurons in our brain. Listening to your bodies intuition is vital to get a more complete answer on a new business opportunity. You may need to re-negotiate the deal, or it may be best to walk away. Trust your intuition and move forward.

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Use your intuition to make important decisions
Einstein said it was intuition, not his own mind, that he was able to develop his laws of relativity. When you need to make an important business decision, follow this simple process to make better decisions intuitively:

  • Close your eyes for one to two minutes.
  • Hear and then let go of your thoughts.
  • Allow your emotions to come forward – all of them. Positive, neutral and negative emotions.
  • Release negative emotions through your body and into the earth.
  • Visualise and feel happy times, children, partner, family or animals, love with all your heart
  • Confidently make your decision.

Create healthier business boundaries
Ask yourself if your relationships with staff, business partners and clients are draining or giving you energy? You know the client … they want your best products and services and expect you to fix everything for little money or commitment. Unravel yourself from the dramas of toxic clients who don’t take responsibility for their own problems. Protect your wellbeing. Next time they try to dump on you, ask them ‘what are you going to do about it?’ Then decide for your businesses wellbeing whether you keep them or let them go.

Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are titans in the world of business and live by their intuition. Trust yourself and the power of your intuition to take your business to even greater heights.

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