The Melbourne Cup sweep goes cashless

- November 3, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

If you’re the person that organises your office sweep for Melbourne Cup, you already know what a pain it can be in this increasingly cashless society to get your co-workers to cough up the dollars for their bet. Digital payment app Beem It hopes to change all that.

The fintech offers a free to use instant payment platform that makes it easy to exchange money without the hassle of chasing cash.

Angela Clark, CEO of Beem It suggests this Melbourne Cup day anyone organising an office sweep should ditch the envelopes of cash and checklists and opt for the app instead,

“The Beem It team has developed a simple way for offices or groups of people to track and assign horses while organising payments instantly, with greater visibility around who has paid what. Melbourne Cup is a day that most people love and celebrate, so by taking the admin out of the process for office sweeps, we are giving people more time to enjoy the festivities instead of worrying about the logistics of it all,” says Clark.

“Australia is predicted to become a cashless society by 2020, and it’s affecting all kinds of activities from busking to office collections. This digital solution is a way for us to live up to our mission of making payments more human and social as well as instant and easy,”

Check out how you can use Beem It for your Melbourne Cup sweep, here:


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