The Greenhouse: Startups wanted to solve global problems!

- September 14, 2018 2 MIN READ

The City of Sydney will kick off its next Greenhouse series of events this month. The events will bring together academics, entreprenuers, government and startups to discuss the issues that go hand in hand with building a more sustainable Sydney for the future.

Each event will focus on a different challenge faced by urban dwellers, from the furture of food and waste to mobility and transport.

The events are being held in conjunction with WWF Australia. Lord Mayor Clover Moore explained the Greenhouse series were designed to push the boundaries and explore creative solutions to the urgent challenges faced by cities around the globe.
“It’s incredibly inspiring to see our brightest minds turning their attention to creating more sustainable cities,” the Lord Mayor said.
“Even small changes to the way our cities work can have big impacts, thanks to the high concentration of people, services and activities in our urban areas – so it’s a huge challenge and a great opportunity for the tech start-ups of the future to latch onto.
Moore said she hopes to see some inspirational work take place at the sessions.

“I hope to see some of those start-ups of the future starting at these sessions in Sydney.”
The series of talks, panel discussions and knowledge exchange sessions will include pitches from local start-ups who are applying new technologies to conservation, social equity and sustainable development.
The events will also provide startups with the opportunity to pitch their solutions for the problem at a hand – the winning teams will then have the chance to pitch in the grand final for a $10,000 prize.
Reece Proudfoot, WWF-Australia’s Innovation Strategist, said this year’s events would use emerging tech trends to build on the success of past Greenhouse events.
“Disruptive technologies can be channelled to solve some of the big, global problems facing humanity,” Proudfoot said.
“Business as usual is no longer an option. That’s why WWF has launched ‘Panda Labs’ in 2017 and is collaborating with business, academia and the community to explore and build the transformative solutions needed to protect our planet. We look forward to continuing this work in 2018.”
There will be six Greenhouse sessions held from September to March 2019. 
Future so Far: Should we turn decision-making over to robots? – Tuesday 18 September
Future of Food: Will the family meal be insects and two vegetables in the future? –Tuesday 16 October
Future of Waste: Will we have a world without rubbish in the future? – Tuesday 20 November
Future of Power: Will our homes run themselves in the future? – Tuesday 22 January 2019
Future of Mobility: Will our children ever learn to drive? – Tuesday 19 February 2019
Future of us: Have we done enough to save the planet? – Tuesday 19 March 2019

The first event will be held at Stone and Chalk, 11 York Street, Sydney.
Further information on the series can be found on the WWF website. 
Tickets for the first Greenhouse session are now available. 

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