The fastest growing business sectors in 2020

- February 11, 2020 2 MIN READ

It’s a new age world… recent data from 99designs has revealed biohacking, astrological services, cannabidiol (CBD) businesses and vegan products and services amongst the fastest growing industries for entrepreneurs in 2020 with all four expected to have explosive growth in the year ahead.

The data comes from analysis of the number of companies across various sectors requesting design work on the platform.

99designs reports the number of astrology businesses seeking design services has risen 209 per cent since 2015 and more than doubled (127 per cent increase) in the past 12 months. Services include everything from horoscope apps and podcasts to spiritual consultancies.

DIY biology aka biohacking has also caught the public imagination in recent years with apps tracking mental and physical performance, sleep and hydration becoming the norm. 99deisgns predicts the trend will increase. The number of businesses in this sector commissioning creative work on 99designs is up 445 per cent since 2015 and 71 per cent in the past year alone.

Alternative health is another growth sector with CBD products seeing a massive growth of 1568 per cent as the health and medicinal benefits of cannabis oil become more mainstream. Similarly the rise in interest in vegan products and plant-based meat alternatives has increased by 214 per cent in the past five years.

“Every year we take the pulse of what’s on the rise and the wane in terms of the types of businesses creating brands on our platform. It’s a fun way to spot emerging industry trends on a global scale,” said 99designs COO Pamela Webber. “While last year it was all about drones, AI healthcare and influencer agencies, 2020 shows a notable shift toward the wellness space. We think it is driven by consumers seeking to take control and wanting to address social anxieties and concerns about their health, happiness and future success.”

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