The Best Websites For Entrepreneurs

- February 27, 2016 3 MIN READ

Entrepreneurs need to be self-motivated, agile and efficient. They love using inexpensive technology to help them reach their business goal of a lean start up.

Entrepreneur training

While YouTube is good for procrastination, it can also be a quick way to learn new technologies, seeing how to fix bugs and learn how to automate processes. You can also save yourself time by not reading books and still learn from world experts, you can watch TED talks. A favourite YouTube video of entrepreneurs is this one on the [|science of persuasion] which shows shortcuts to being influential.

Time management and team communication

The beauty of Trello is its simplicity in task management for teams or individuals. Setting up Trello in your bookmarks does not equal time management success though. To best use Trello as an individual, you need to set up a master board with four columns and these headings:

1. What am I doing right now?
2. Tasks to do
3. Road blocked tasks: waiting for info
4. Goals I have achieved
5. Things to do later

I named my master board, You can do it! to incite some excitement. Place the tasks under each of the headings and you can rank the tasks in order of priority. The golden rule is that the first column can only have one task so you must stay focussed. As you finish each task, drag it across to “Goals I have achieved” and watch your achievements grow!

Trello is also great for teams because managers can open up Trello at any time and see what tasks their team members are working on. They can see what tasks are road blocked, whether staff are spending too long on a task and if their staff have prioritised their work correctly. This is especially helpful for remote workers.

While Trello is great for task management, if you want more communication for teams, [|Slack] is your best website. Slack works like an intranet for small companies.

Design work

If you know your way around Photoshop, then you won’t need Canva, which is a simple DIY design site.

I like Canva because in one click you can change your A4 flier into a postcard and then into a tweet. Canva has both free templates and $1 template designs that you can customise. The results are so much better than the tired Microsoft word templates with tacky clip art added.

Fiverr, 99Designs and Upwork
If you aren’t happy with your Canva results the cheapest design work is Fiverr where you can get a logo for $5USD. However, if you want better quality try 99 Designs or Upwork.

Why hire one designer when you can get cheap, high quality designs from a range of designers around the world? On 99Designs you can outsource your logos, websites and apps. You don’t actually get 99 designs, for $339 you can expect about 30 designs for your creative brief. Another good site for freelance design and development is upwork where you pay your freelancer per hour or per project. It has more variety of freelance tasks such as writing.

Prototyping an app

In the old days, to prototype your mobile phone app to a developer, people would place a wad of post it notes on their mobile phone and peel away each one when demonstrating the click-through journey. Now Invision allows free prototyping for mobile apps by taking screen shots or photos on your mobile and selecting a zone, which you can make into an active button. This is great for demonstrating the journey through the app.

Buying a domain name


There is a whole economy on domain sites and many opportunists who hoard up domain names and then sell to companies desperate to own their name. When you are searching for a domain name it is best to search directly into your web browser to see if it is available because some domain sites ask you to put your domain name search into their site and then they will actually buy that name and sell it back to you double the price!

GoDaddy is the major domain and website management site and it is simple to use. They often have sales so before you buy a whole lot of .net and .co sites, wait for their sales.

Camille Woods is an entrepreneur, meditation teacher and chartered accountant. She runs Monday Mind, is working on a meditation app and works at Fishburners.

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