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It takes 20 seconds to make a great impression online, even shorter face to face

- May 20, 2016 2 MIN READ

Servcorp has recently teamed up with Roy Morgan Research to find out whether or not things like office location have any impact on individuals or companies when choosing to conduct business with you.

The research generated some alarming, but not really surprising results – with the core take away being that once you have made a bad impression of yourself in front of someone, it is almost next to impossible to then change that.

According to the data, 67 percent of respondents thought that a good first impression was important and a hefty 66 percent of people are not willing to give a person a second chance if they have made a bad first impression. Further to that, the research found 75 percent of those that experience a bad first impression will not actually engage with the brand for at least a month, which in turn is a cost directly to the company bottom line.

That is why services like Servcorp can be such an advantage for small business operators, with 28 locations across Australia, the serviced office space provider can help create a perception that your company has a bigger team, is more well established and according to the data, 82 percent of people said they would be likely to talk with a business owner situated somewhere in the CBD.

When it comes to online, the report showed that people cast the same judgements about a business as well. According to the data, you only have between 10 and 20 seconds on a webpage to engage your customer before they move on. Again, a city-based address on a website actually immediately has your business as being perceived as more credible.

In fact, prospective customers are 20 times more likely to contact a business with a CBD address vs. other typical address options such as a PO box address or a regional, suburban address, meaning that an investment in a “virtual office” with a company like Servcorp can actually result in more leads coming through the door, all because your location is deemed subconsciously by the public as being more trustworthy.

This content is powered by our partners at Servcorp. Together with Roy Morgan Research they put together this white paper on First Impressions and what Small Business Owners can implement within their companies to ensure that they are always giving a good one.

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