Flexible work options to become an employee must-have post COVID

- June 10, 2020 2 MIN READ

Research from the University of South Australia suggests employers can no longer simply pay lip service to flexible work as employees begin to return to businesses in the coming months. While many businesses have been reluctant to offer flexible work arrangements to employees, the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses. to embrace remote work options. Now that… Read more »


The science of work-life balance and what it means for you

- December 20, 2019 2 MIN READ

Ever wondered what balance of exercise, sleep, food and work delivers the best outcomes for your physical and mental health? A team of scientists led by researchers in South Australia is embarking on a four-year study to find out. The international team will use 200,000 data sources from Fitbits, activity monitors and time-use surveys linked… Read more »