10 tips on introducing a product to the market

- November 8, 2017 4 MIN READ

You have a game-changing invention that you want to launch – with a bit of careful planning, collaboration and determination, your stroke of genius could be up and running before you know it. Here are 10 tips to successfully bring your product to the market. Love what you’re doing It’s easier if you believe in… Read more »

Business Basics

These 7 administration tips can save you easy hours

- August 29, 2017 4 MIN READ

Effective administration is the bedrock of any small business. When done well, administrative processes allow a business to operate smoothly and efficiently, maximising productivity and improving profit margins. Here are seven essential tips for successful business administration: Understand your team If you are working with a team of administrators, understanding their strengths and weaknesses allows… Read more »


9 marketing tips for small business

- May 7, 2017 5 MIN READ

Effective marketing is a key growth driver in your small business. If you think you don’t have to understand marketing – think again. Everyone in your small business is responsible for marketing – from the receptionist to those in the accounts department. If you don’t buy in to that principle, be sure that good brands… Read more »


60-second tip on using lost pockets of time

- May 2, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie reveals how to utilise lost pockets of time. This useful 60-second video tip will help you to manage your time efficiently. Here’s how you can use your spare time wisely. Kate’s top 3 tips: 1. Write down a list of people in your network 2. When you find… Read more »


How to be a successful leader in your small business

- April 20, 2017 3 MIN READ

Quite a few words come to mind when you think of an entrepreneur or someone working in small business. Successful, dynamic, ability to take risks, and many more. Unfortunately, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, six out of ten entrepreneurs who start businesses in Australia crash and burn within the first three years. So,… Read more »


60-second time saver tip: smart messaging

- March 14, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

This handy 60-second video tip from Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie will help you to manage your time efficiently. What do you do when someone calls, and just leaves a message for you to call then back. But you have no idea who they are or what they want? Here’s how you can develop… Read more »


60-second tip: manage your inbox

- March 8, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

Want to find extra time in your busy day? Here’s a great tip to help manage your email inbox. Business Builders time management expert Kate Christie reveals how to organise your email inbox. This fantastic 60-second video tip will help you to, “triage your emails efficiently.” Kate’s top 3 tips: 1. Set up your inbox… Read more »

Business Basics

60 second tip: boost social media

- March 6, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

CEO of Showpo, Jane Lu shares her 7 top tips to help your business increase it’s social media presence. 1. Use engagement for instant feedback: The number of likes will tell you what your audience wants to see and tells you what you should post. Also, sometimes good hashtags can build likes over time. 2. Post… Read more »


Digital strategy: discover the secret formula for building links

- March 2, 2017 3 MIN READ

There are many ways to build up a successful collection of links for your site. Before we get started though, let me be clear: links represent relationships and connections. Therefore, before you try to source links, focus on building relationships and delivering value. Pursuing links solely for SEO purposes without established relationships based on trust can… Read more »