a selfie of cass wingrove and her family
Getting Started

How to juggle family and business when you launch your startup

- February 22, 2024 3 MIN READ

  Launching a business while raising young kids is a unique and challenging journey that demands a delicate balance between professional and personal responsibilities.  Cass Wingrove, co-founder of Nourishy, shares her insights. Since founding Nourishy, many lessons have been learned along the way that have both helped to guide and encourage us to keep moving… Read more »

Olivia Orchowski, founder of women's body literacy app, Femtek
Small Business

How identifying customer pain points lead to Femtek’s ultimate business success

- November 15, 2022 5 MIN READ

Founder of women’s body literacy app, Femtek, Olivia Orchowski shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and explains how identifying her customers’ pain points was the key to her startup’s success. Every single entrepreneur brings valuable skillset to the table. Whether it’s the ability to network, sell, coordinate, resourcefulness, or having million-dollar idea after million-dollar idea. It… Read more »


Who do you really need in your startup dream team?

- March 2, 2020 2 MIN READ

There are many traps when setting up your own startup dream team. Entrepreneurs want to share the excitement with friends and like-minded people. But mixing friends and business can get messy, writes Alan Manly, author of The Unlikely Entrepreneur. Those like-minded people won’t challenge you. Similar personalities are also often budding entrepreneurs. They want training… Read more »