older mature worker at factory machine

Getting older Australians back to work is an exciting economic opportunity

- July 21, 2023 5 MIN READ

  Recently the Western Australian government announced a $5.5 million program encouraging employers to hire older jobseekers, and it’s music to Julianne Parkinson’s ears. As the founding CEO of the Global Centre for Modern Ageing, Parkinson is a long-time advocate of our older Australians’ social and economic potential. She shares why the WA initiative is… Read more »

Employees looking confused

Full head count but still a skills gap? Here’s why

- June 30, 2023 3 MIN READ

  The global skills shortage continues. The war for talent, great resignation and great reshuffle are phrases we are more than familiar with. Coined post-pandemic, they accurately assessed the labour market’s competitive state of play. Now with the global economic slowdown, the reprieve on skills must be in sight, writes recruitment expert and founder of… Read more »

Shaking hands with new employee at job interview

A recruiter insider’s guide on how to nab the best talent

- March 30, 2023 3 MIN READ

  Recruitment has never been tougher. As a recruiter of more than two decades, I have experienced many employment cycles, with this the hardest yet, writes recruitment expert Roxanne Calder, founder of EST 10 and author of Employable – 7 Attributes to Assuring Your Working Future. Sourcing talent in today’s post-COVID environment is confounding. Like… Read more »

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How quiet hiring benefits both organisations and employees

- March 14, 2023 3 MIN READ

  Quiet hiring is on the rise, and could be good for both you and your employees to fill the need for new skills and capabilities without adding additional full-time employees, writes Neal Woolrich, Director of HR Advisory at Gartner. Australian organisations are finding it hard to keep and acquire in-demand talent, especially with staff… Read more »

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How to avoid the small business staff crunch

- February 7, 2023 2 MIN READ

  Labour shortages continue to be an issue for small businesses, with staffing issues expected to impact almost eight in ten businesses, according to new research from My Business. Phil Parisis, Head of Product and Sales at My Business, says the survey results show one of the biggest issues small business owners will face in… Read more »

Woman in red suit sitting with resume awaiting job interview

Keep your business growing: The three Rs of keeping the best talent

- October 13, 2022 5 MIN READ

Attracting and keeping great staff is a challenge for many business in the current skills shortage climate. Ben Lipschitz, CEO and cofounder of FoodByUs, explains the three Rs of finding the best talent for your team. With ABS data revealing that almost one-third of Australian businesses are having difficulty finding staff, everyone’s greatest pain point… Read more »

Steps to find and retain top talent
Business Advice

The best way to find and retain top talent during the skills shortage

- September 15, 2022 3 MIN READ

It’s not easy out there right now, but it’s still possible to attract and retain top talent if you’re committed to taking a whole-business approach. Shannon Semenikow, Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Australia Queensland President and founder of Education and Migration Services Australia shares his insights Job vacancies have doubled since the pandemic with the ABS showing… Read more »

Skills shortage fix - without migration

Yes, there’s a ‘skills shortage’. Here are 3 jobs summit ideas to start fixing it right away

- August 30, 2022 4 MIN READ

Ahead of Thursday’s jobs and skills summit, Pi-Shen Seet from Edith Cowan University and Janice Jones from Flinders University present three ways to fill the immediate skills shortage that don’t rely on migration. On Thursday, union, business and political leaders will meet in Canberra for the jobs and skills summit. One of the key issues… Read more »


Salary divide grows as employees push for better wages post-COVID

- May 25, 2021 3 MIN READ

The divide between employee and employer salary expectations has grown in 2021, with the Hays Salary Guide reporting two-thirds of employees will expect a pay rise above three per cent, following changed conditions during the pandemic. The annual Hays Salary Guide surveys over 3500 organisations, representing over 8.8 million employees and 3800 skilled professionals, to… Read more »


Aussie employees under skilled and unprepared for the future or work

- July 12, 2019 2 MIN READ

A report by Skillsoft reveals Australian and New Zealand workers believe they are not prepared for the future of work. Many employees think they are underskilled and that their employer has failed to provide adequate training. Skillsoft’s Mind the Gap report surveyed 1,000 employees across Australia (855)/New Zealand (145) about their readiness for the future… Read more »