How Pymetrics is removing bias from the recruitment process

- October 5, 2018 4 MIN READ

A range of organisations and initiatives have sought to tackle unconscious bias – or straight out bias – in recruitment over the last few years. The Victorian Government, for example, last year launched a pilot program called Recruit Smarter to trial different approaches, such as blind CVs, to address the issue. Approaching the problem with artificial intelligence… Read more »


JustMums Recruitment acquires Working Mothers Connect

- July 12, 2018 2 MIN READ

Kochie’s Business Builders competition winners’ JustMums Recruitment continues to go from strength to strength, with the company announcing its acquisition of Working Mothers Connect, New Zealand. The move sees the recruitment business expand its reach to bring together over 60,000 mums in Australia and New Zealand who are actively seeking flexible work opportunities. Erin Kefalas,… Read more »

5 ways to improve the employee experience by Ush Danek

5 ways to improve the employee experience

- January 17, 2018 4 MIN READ

HR Expert, Ushma Dhanak, shares her top tips to generate employee satisfaction Improving the ‘customer experience’ has become a buzz phrase in business. From ecommerce stores to any retail or other service-oriented business, the phrase neatly sums up the need to focus on personal user experiences in all customer interactions. It’s seen as the key… Read more »

Business Advice

3 steps to hiring the right person

- September 17, 2017 2 MIN READ

How often do you hire staff who just don’t seem to measure up and then you end up having to work twice as hard? The good news is that’s easy to change. Years ago when I created my business from the ground up, I did so with a firm belief that I was the only person that could… Read more »


These journos turned an email into a small business

- March 8, 2017 5 MIN READ

Making lists has always been a big part of staying productive for Sydney journalist Rachel Smith. However, she never expected that one of her lists would blossom into a now 15-year-old recruitment business that connects job-posters and job-seekers across media and digital. When Rachel started freelancing in 2001, she found working for herself a little… Read more »