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Social Media

Does your LinkedIn brand look like a desperate Dan or Debbie?

- July 10, 2023 3 MIN READ

  There is a thick line between clever creativity and seedy manipulation on LinkedIn. The former sets business and personal brands apart with trust and impact. The latter erodes trust by appearing desperate and unprofessional, explains leading LinkedIn specialist Sue Parker, founder of Dare Group. LinkedIn’s commercial opportunities and networking value for small businesses are… Read more »

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How to know it’s the right time to engage a PR for your business

- May 8, 2023 4 MIN READ

  Timing is everything. Deciding when to start engaging with the media is pivotal to building awareness and achieving growth and business success, write Kathryn Van Kuyk and Anthony Caruana, co-CEOs, Media-Wize. We often meet startups and small business owners who want to start public relations activities but they sometimes have a lack of understanding… Read more »

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How to make social media part of your PR strategy

- April 24, 2023 3 MIN READ

  While it would be hard to find a business that is not using some form of social media to establish an online presence or as part of their overall marketing mix, there is still a huge opportunity for many businesses to up their social media game, writes Samantha Dybac, CEO and founder of The… Read more »

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Forget everything you know about mainstream PR

- April 6, 2023 4 MIN READ

  Public relations is about far more than simply getting your name in the media. Modern PR is everything you say, everything you do and everything others say about you; it’s about creating powerful relationships to build your brand’s profile and tell your story, writes Annette Densham. Want to get noticed? When you are in… Read more »

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Five essential tips for a successful media interview

- October 25, 2022 3 MIN READ

Media interviews can be nerve-wracking and feel way out of your wheelhouse as a business owner, but they are an essential PR tool to help build brand awareness and trust in your business. Samantha Dybac, CEO and founder at The PR Hub and host of the Influence Unlocked podcast, has five top tips to help… Read more »